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Where To Buy 3D Glasses - Shutter 3D Glasses - 3D Glasses Cyan

Updated on July 16, 2011

A new trend is upon on us - 3D. It's starting to appear at the movie theater, on the computer, your TV, even your phone. It's changing the medium of entertainment, and it's happening right now; and it was happening yesterday and it will still be happening tomorrow. 3D entertainment is here and it's here to say. To say it's not is, well, foolish. Better to embrace the inevitable.

The real question is, a question that has run through everyones mind at least once, is 'How do I get the best 3D experience?'. Of course it probably isn't phrased so neatly like that, but you get the picture - we all want to know what the best stuff is, what the best 3D TV or 3D glasses are. We want to be cooler than the neighbor, the friend, the enemy. And 3D entertainment is the kind of glorious opportunity to show off your craftiness in the material market.

I'm going to assume that if you're reading this you already have a 3D TV. If not go here.

Also if you are one of those people who hate the idea of wearing glasses to enjoy your entertainment, then go here and learn about the 3D technology without glasses.

But if you do have a 3D TV, and you don't care about wearing glasses, then this article is for you.


What Are 3D Glasses?

The question of what are 3D glasses may seem like a silly one to  a lot of you, but let's be frank.  Many of us aren't as well versed in the world of technology as some of us are.  The technological revolution only happened a few decades ago, and many of us are still trying to catch up.  In that respect the question is fair. 

Luckily the answer is simple.

3D glasses are exactly how they sound.  They are glasses, like sun glasses, or reading glasses, which one wears over their eyes.  The image they produce, however, is different than the prior example.  3D glasses trick your eyes into thinking they are seeing something they are not.  They give the illusion of depth, or movement, which causes you to think you're seeing something in 3D.  The trick is quite simple, which makes the entire result that much more astounding and complex. 

It used to be that 3D glasses were a parlor trick; something to excite the kids or the average audience for a quick minute.  And for the longest time they remained that way.  It wasn't until the 3D technology evolved, into what we all saw in Avatar, that 3D became a real player in the entertainment industry.  And this evolution wasn't just what happened behind the scences but also in the piece of plastic we wore across our eyes.

Today 3D glasses are virtually obtrusive in many regards.  You barley notice them when you wear them; they are light on your face.  The image produced is clear and HD like; the side effects of a headache or blurry eyes are almost non-existent.  With this new change of better glasses, as well as 3D technology moving into home theaters, also comes the change of competition of the 3D market.

Everyone suddenly wants to make the best 3D glasses. Everyone wants to make the best 3D TVs. 


Shutter 3D

What is Shutter 3D?

Shutter 3D are one of the most popular types of 3D glasses. Also known as active shutter glasses, Shutter 3D is a type of 3D glass that has to work in conjunction with a video screen. This is known as stereoscopy, the creation of the illusion which is 3D.

How does Shutter 3D Work?

The most used typed of Shutter 3D is the liquid crystal shutter glass. In liquid crystal shutter glasses each lens has a liquid crystal which can readily darkened and lightened via an electrical signal. A good example of this are glasses which have a Bluetooth embedded in them; this allows them to receive signals quickly and efficiently. So how exactly does it work? It works just how the name sounds - it shutters back in forth between each eye. What I mean by this is that, for example, the Bluetooth will receive a signal which will darken one of the lens; then it quickly darken the other one, and vice versa. This works congruently with dual images on the screen, thus giving your brain the illusion of multiple images and a certain kind of depth.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shutter 3D

  • Shutter 3D works much better than other 3D glasses because it removed 'ghosting', something that can occur with Real3D glasses, and a few other technologies.  Also Shutter 3D doesn't rely on red and blue colors, but uses the entire color spectrum. 
  • If the screen you're viewing with the glasses doesn't have a high enough refresh rate, you may experience flickering.  Nowadays, however, the refresh rate is high enough that flickering is basically obsolete. 

3D Glasses Cyan

What are Cyan 3D Glasses?

Also known as dual-color 3D, cyan 3D glasses are the simplest form of 3D glasses.  These glasses have lens which are opposite colors of each other - usually red and cyan.  

How do 3D Glasses Cyan Work?

The image that is viewed with these glasses are embedded with both layers of colors, and when superimposed together create the illusion of 3D.  Think of it like this:  The image is color coded, and the glasses are the decipher.  When this happens the brain 'fuses' the two superimposed images together, thus giving you a 3D experience.   There are many different color schemes that can be used to successfully used to create the effect, but the most effective and most used is red, for the left eye, and cyan, for the right eye. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of 3D Glasses Cyan and Red

  • The biggest advantage is that creating this effect is cheap and easy.  The glasses can be made out of cheap cardboard with a simple red and cyan filter for the lenses. Furthermore this cheapness can be carried over onto the video screen where the super imposable image can be created with ease.  This compared to what had to be done to create the world of Pandora in Avatar - an expensive project. 
  • An anaglyph image can be created easily; in fact it can be something which is homemade.  Adobe Photoshop is a great program which can be used to make an anaglyph image. 
  • The 3D technology presented by red and cyan glasses is very limited.  In theaters it's best used for a quick entertainment value, unlike Avatar which created a living and breathing 3D world.  Currently these type of glasses, and this type of 3D technology, is mainly applied for cheap or quick ventures that need an extra entertainment value. 

What About 3D Without Glasses: Are 3D Glasses Here to Stay

The fact is 3D glasses will eventually become obsolete.  Right now we are in the transitional stage, the point where we all start to realize how great and amazing 3D is, and how we want it to be one of the main foundations for future entertainment.   It's almost like the resurgence of 3D glasses, and the many different types, are just there to tide us over until the futre unviels itself - 3D without glasses

Because it's coming.  And when it does our world will never quite be the same. 


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    • profile image

      James vision 7 years ago

      You can also get Active 3D TV Glasses on-line from here

    • profile image

      SilverGenes 7 years ago

      3D without glasses I can see (ignore bad pun) but with glasses? Not on a regular basis. I'd like to see technology in another 100 years!