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Where To Buy Official Size Beer Pong Tables

Updated on May 11, 2015

Beer pong is the ultimate drinking game and every super-fan needs one thing - an official beer pong table.

If you're planning a garden party or BBQ with friends this summer, you will not be able to play a proper game of beer pong without an official size table.

Not only that, but having an official table with a cool design on looks amazing and it's the way to make a statement - I'm the king of the party, king of beer pong... challenge me if you dare!

So with this in mind, lets look at a features your beer pong table should have before buying it.


The official size of a beer pong table is 8ft long, 2ft wide and 27.5in high. Who came up with these dimensions? Nobody knows... but that's what they are, so accept it. And everybody knows, a victory on a beer pong table that isn't regulatory size simply doesn't count.

So cover your backs first, and make sure your victims have no excuses for their defeat after the thoroughly beaten this summer at beer pong.


The second most important factor of a beer pong table is design. It has to speak volumes, have personality, stand out from the crowd, be funny, and stylish. What's more, it should also include a printed triangle that shows the positions for each of the cups. This makes the game of beer pong fair and accurate.

There are lost of existing styles available, from NBA style courts to tropical leaves and VW buses. The design is just one large printed sticker that's applied by the factory. So the possibilities for the image are limitless.

For extra bonus points... make your own design and have it printed on the beer pong table. It's an added talking point for the summer party, and impresses all the guests.


Most beer pong tables are made from aluminium metal which is lightweight but strong. This is absolutely vital, as nobody wants a table that collapses and breaks spilling all those drinks half-way through the party! Choose one that can easily take the weight of a dozen pints, and the extra for when drunk people lean on the table or try to sit on it.

Scroll down for more great beer pong designs

A wooden pattern and a German flag beer pong table among others
A wooden pattern and a German flag beer pong table among others


Beer pong tables are pretty big, and they pretty much can't be used for anything else other than playing beer pong, or resting food and drinks on during the party (though really, who would want to disrespect the hallowed ground of the beer pong table? It should be covered at all times and kept clean!).

Choose a beer pong table that folds away in sections into a small, flat square. Some of the best ones also have handles on the side, making it easy to carry at the end of the night, or next day when people are suffering from hangovers.

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The wholesale price of beer pong tables from the manufacturer is between $30 and $50USD. Remember though that the retailers have to buy a large quantity to get those prices, and they have to add on shipping from China, import duty and taxes, then selling fees and shipping from their store. So expect the retail price for an official beer pong table to be around $80USD and a small bit extra for domestic shipping.

Go fourth and beer pong!

With all this information to hand, it looks like you're fully armed to buy the perfect beer pong table.

eBay has a good selection. They are all made in China and very similar in structure. How do I know? Well I imported hundreds of the UK to myself and sold them, so I'm pretty familiar with their design.

Scrawl through the pages until you find one that fulfills the criteria above, click and buy. Make sure it is delivered to your home and the shipping is not too much, because really they are light weight and the courier fee is not expensive.

Remember, it's always possible to have any custom design printed on your beer pong table, and any reputable seller should be able to arrange this - even if it costs a little more money and you have to wait a few weeks longer.

Here are some designs of beer pong tables for inspiration....

How to play beer pong

A beer pong table with orange, yellow and green writing
A beer pong table with orange, yellow and green writing
A beer pong table with the image of a German woman printed on
A beer pong table with the image of a German woman printed on
A red white and blue beer pong table
A red white and blue beer pong table
A cool design with a VW camper van on
A cool design with a VW camper van on


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