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Where to Buy a Barbie Dream House Online

Updated on February 8, 2014

If you are looking to buy a Barbie dream house for sale, you have several options. For new and modern you can find Barbie houses for sale on Amazon. But for vintage, you'll want to check out eBay. If you want an original 1960 Barbie dream house, a coveted and rare find, do expect to pay more if you are lucky enough to find it still new in the box and never played with. Out of the box will be a cheaper option while still allowing you to add this popular Barbie accessory to your collection.

What is the price of a vintage Barbie Dream House?

As with any collectible, condition will affect the price. It's rare to find a new in the box vintage Barbie House. Most people started collecting the dolls only, so you can find vintage Barbies in the box and never played with. However the houses were usually played with.

To give you an idea on prices and the value of your collectible Barbie Dream House, here are the final sale prices for ones sold on eBay in 2013:

Newer models of the Townhouse/Three-Story house new in the box have sold for about $100 to $110.

A vintage 1983 Barbie Dream House new in the box sold for $910.

A used vintage A-Frame Dream House sold for $159.

Used but in good condition vintage cardboard houses from the 1960s sell for about $25

1960s Barbie Dream House on eBay

The first vintage Barbie Dream House was released in 1960. It quickly became the must have accessories for the original ponytail Barbie. And as with the original Barbie, it is the most sought after dream house by collectors. However later models are also very collectible.

1960s Cardboard Barbie Dream House

In the 1960s Mattel released the cardboard Barbie dream houses. These were more affordable and still loved by young girls. As you can imagine, very few can be found today. But keep checking eBay where you can still find some in great condition for sale. Today, vintage cardboard Barbie dream houses form the 60s are worth about $25 to $30 if out of the box.

Vintage Barbie Dream House with Elevator

In the 1990s the dream house came with a working elevator. You can buy a vintage Barbie dream house with elevator on eBay with a price of about $50 to $100 if it's out of the box. Expect to pay more for new in the box mint condition elevator Barbie Dream Houses.

Modern Barbie Dream Houses

The modern Barbie dream houses come include the 3-story Dream Townhouse, 2-story Beach House, and Princess Castle. If history is any lesson, let your child play with her dream house, but when she's outgrown it, pack it away carefully. It may someday be worth a lot more than you paid for it.

One of a Kind Barbie Dream Houses

On eBay you can find amazing OOAK Doll Houses hand crafted by artists designed to fit the Barbie Doll. These usually have an amazing amount of detail in the construction and decoration. Some are actual one of a kind Dream Houses made by Mattel as a special edition or for a charity event. The one's by Mattel should come with a certificate of authenticity.


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