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Which next gen console should you buy? Early thoughts

Updated on March 2, 2013


This is purely my opinion. Everyone will obviously have a different take and I'm open to any suggestions or comments. I respect all opinions and I apologize if I offend in any way


Wii U

So far this is the only next gen console released. And it is looking very good. The concept of being able to game on a tv or on the go is a great innovation, and I'm sure it is something all of us could have used from time to time. Not only that but it has a solid list of games lined up, it certainly isn't fair to hold this against the other consoles considering they don't have any game line ups yet, but it is still worth mentioning. Lego city undercover looks like a blast, there are mario kart and wario titles already in the mix, and it is bringing a lot more mature games that the wii was so heavily critisized for missing out on. Nintendo has been on a roll lately (other than the 3ds being an oversized monstrosity of a handheld system) and I don't believe they are gonna sputter out anytime soon. However I think much of the decision will be based on exclusives. Since the Wii U will now include many of the series it's predecessor lacked, I think it will probably be one of if not the best console on the market.


Playstation 4

Not much is known about the Playstation 4 yet. That being said, what is known is that it looks good. The ps4 will use technology similar to that of computers in order to keep the power that Sony sytems are known for, but at the same time make it easier to develope games for the system. I feel like this will cause a pretty significant spike in Sony's already massive game library. It is also expected to be made compatible with both tablets and smart phones in order to use them as second screens. A good plan which will cater to many, but for me it isn't a huge selling point. If there is one thing I will never be able to figure out, it is why Sony sticks with one of the absolutely worst controller designs of all time. It is not comfortable, it is not efficient, It is just awkward and uncomfortable. With all that being said the ps4 looks solid. But the sad reality is that Sony will release another good system but give it a rediculously far fetched price tag that an unfortunate few will end up paying an unbelievably high price, and the others will end up not buying because it isnt within a reasonable price range.


Next microsoft console

Nothing is known about what microsoft may have up it's sleeve. However based on past consoles I will try to speculate. It will most likely be a fairly shotty console with very limited support of any kind. It will probably have a solid game library and a pretty large online community. The controller will most likely be pretty comfortable and efficient for most games. But back to the shottiness. It is incredible how a company can pretty much be the spokesperson for dropping the ball. I'm saying all this as an xbox and xbox 360 owner. The xbox was great with some minor issues but the 360 just had the most frustrating issues I have ever experienced with a system. Want to play your game like a normal human being? Too bad, you're gonna have to save every couple minutes because the system will spontaneously overheat or freeze. Do you wanna rest assured knowing that when you play online that cheating will not be tolerated and you will have a smooth experience? Welp your dreams just got crushed because xbox support of any kind is practically none existant. You will have to deal with cheaters every other game you play since microsoft really doesn't care to bother with banning people and the games against honest players will probably lag out or have some abnormality that will disrupt gameplay. Don't get me wrong, I have two microsoft sytems and a fairly extensive library of games, but with that experience comes knowledge. And you should be atleast a little weary when looking to buy a microsoft system.


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    • LucasSeptimus28 profile image

      Lucas Adkins 

      6 years ago from Athens

      I own one of the newer Xbox 360's. The only problems that i really have is the freezing up part. It constantly freezes while i'm playing Skyrim. i haven't really owned other systems besides the Wii but i really like the gamer score thing that they do and the fact that big awesome games are always released on Xbox 360. That is just my opinion though :P


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