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What Gaming Console Should I buy? Xbox 360,Wii or PS3?

Updated on October 6, 2010

There's a good reason that I don't own a game system right now. When I own a game system, all that I do is play video games. It's just too easy to stop off at the television and play a game "for just a minute". And since I work from home, that's not really most productive situation for my life. So, I don't have a game system. But I constantly think about buying one and since I don't have video games to distract me from work, I spend way too much time doing research into the existing game systems. After having done so extensively, I've made my decision about which of the game systems I would go with. But they all have their pros and cons and different people have good reasons for preferring each of them.

Let's take a look at the three major game systems competing with each other right now (the Wii, the PS3 and the Xbox 360) to help you decide which of these you might want to buy:

The Wii

The first time that I heard about the Wii from a user, it was when a friend called me up and told me that his body was exhausted from playing video games all day. Naturally, I laughed at him. A few weeks later, I had a chance to play a bowling game on the Wii and although I didn't end up with sore muscles, I did take back my laughter from earlier. This is the main new feature that the Nintendo Wii offers over the other game system; instead of just sitting still and moving your fingers, you often move part or all of the rest of your body to play these games. This makes the action more interactive and the activity more involved.

In addition to the unique remote that makes the Wii so interactive, the game system's other main feature is the Virtual Console. The Wii channel has WiFi capability and offers a number of channels including news, Internet, photos, and shopping. As for the specs, the Wii console is considerably smaller in size than the other two game systems. It has 512 MB built-in flash memory and it support video up to 480 pixels.

The Wii was released late last year and runs about $250 in cost.

The PS3

It took me a long time to get used to the number of buttons that there are on the Playstation games, but I did eventually adjust. The PS3 has a remote reminiscent of earlier Sony game systems which means that if you know them, it's easy enough to learn. Unlike Nintendo, Sony had a strong game system behind them (Nintendo's Wii was preceded by the GameCube which didn't fare so well in the market). So, the PS3 doesn't deviate as much from the previous game systems as the Wii does from its predecessors. But, if it ain't broke, right?

The PS3 was released with two different systems; a 20GB system and a 60GB system. The difference between them is that the latter has built in Wi-Fi and a memory card reader. This makes the larger system somewhat comparable to the Wii in that regard. It is Bluetooth enabled and has a 256 MB memory.

The PS3 was released late last year to a tune of approximately $500. (It's $100 more for the larger, WiFi-enabled system.

The Xbox 360

Admittedly, my familiarity with the Xbox 360 is limited so if anyone wants to add comments to this article to fill me in, that would be terrific. But here's what I do know from the research that I've done and the people I've spoken with:

The Xbox 360 connects to the Internet via a cable modem. Depending upon your ability to play around with your tech toys, you may not be able to access the Internet with your computer at the same time that you're accessing it with your Xbox 360. A home network can provide the solution to this if it's a problem. It has 512 MB of memory.

The Xbox 360 was released earlier than the Wii and the PS3, in November of 2005. It currently costs approximately $300. A Premium Pack is available for about $100; it give you the ability to play online and download online content.


So, it doesn't really matter which of the 3 game system I think is the best, especially since (in the interest of my own productivity) I'm not going to buy one any time soon. And I do think that they are basically comparable system, with variations in price and certain features. If you have a history of preferring one brand of game system over another, you might want to go with that one. That's what's made the most sense to me!


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  • profile image

    ghg 3 years ago


  • profile image

    pL Tiger 5 years ago

    love xbox 360, the controllers on ps3 are way to small and the xbox has way more games and it costs less than the ps3. The Wii is pretty boring. the xbox has the kinect which owns all the other consoles. Add me on xbox live: pL Tiger

    Come and tryout for pL on mw2, ask pL Quickscopez

  • profile image

    ACigar 5 years ago

    These articles are fantastic; the information you show us is interesting for everybody and is really good written. It’s just great! Thanks for sharing on this post.

  • profile image

    bilmoko 5 years ago

    I love all gadgets

  • profile image

    Alex 6 years ago

    I'd go with the Wii.

  • profile image

    scfinder 6 years ago

    I love PS3. Thanks for all the info.

    Find out.

  • profile image

    Emit 6 years ago

    Wii is a pretty impressive game system. PS3 still is nice but Sony really needs to step up their game if they want to continue to compete. Technology is just changing to fast these days and if their not careful they are going to end up losing their competitive edge like blockbuster video did to Netflix.

  • profile image

    Jeremy 6 years ago

    I've always played XBox 360 Live way more than my PS3.

  • profile image

    Mike 6 years ago

    I would definitely recommend the PS3. As mentioned, a BlueRay player, better game selection...totally the way to go.

  • profile image

    Alexander 6 years ago

    Xbox360 is way better for the simple fact it gives you a variety of options instead of just playing games it has ZUNE witch let's you rent or buy any new TV show or Movie that just came out Netflix is better be cause instead of going 2 and searching for a movies that isn't in the browser you can do it in the console now u can't do that with Ps3 or Wii you have HuLu , Twitter , Facebook and coming soon and only for the Xbox Skype so you can now Skype with any 1 in the world will your on your xbox and they don't need 2 be in a xbox for it 2 work and even if you have to pay for xbox live witch is only 60$ for 1 year you get what You pay for unlike ps3 you don't pay nothing so bad server no free item and there console was down for almost a month what makes you think it won't happen again Xbox 360 is clearly the better choice and when you get your Xbox add me ( x TnT x TuRnOn ) oo and you can change your gamertag when ever you want unlike ps3 u have 2 make a new account and you lose every thing you ever achieve smh

  • HighGuy420 profile image

    HighGuy420 6 years ago

    everyone wrote it the ps3 is the way to go. You don't have to pay to play online plus you get a blueray player and 250g's hard drive space its a great. Forget about the Wii playstation came out with the same idea and it most likely will be better. Ps3 i find is more for the older croud while xbox and nintendo are geared towards kids and new comers to the gaming world. If i were and didn't have a system i would buy the ps3 just cause it ten times better and what sold me was online play was free. why pay when its free all the games you wanna play are MMO's anyway

  • profile image

    kid 7 years ago

    Xbox 360 cuz xbox has more players but ps3 has a little better graphics but i still recommend xbox cuz HALO IS BAST and on more thing don't get the wii ive been trying to sell my wii the month i got it

  • profile image

    Dhiren Vyas 7 years ago

    Xbox 360 is best according to me

  • profile image

    axsta 7 years ago

    @chinc matee check your facts!!

  • profile image

    Fog 7 years ago

    Xbox 360 it`s the best console!!


  • profile image

    สูตรสำเร็จ 7 years ago

    i like wii

    it good console for me

  • profile image

    Y8 7 years ago

    I like Xbox 360 it`s good for me.

  • profile image

    Benny Ruo 7 years ago

    I would suggest you to search google for some positive searches on Games Console

  • profile image

    hadley  7 years ago

    xbox 360 is better it has music on it

  • danatheteacher profile image

    Dana Rock 7 years ago from Pacific Northwest

    Buy both the xbox360 and the playstation3. Xbox is great for many games like Halo, Gears, etc., as these are exclusive to the console. Playstation is better in almost every other way except the controller. However, I just found a controller that is shapped like the 360 (all PS3 buttons are still in the same place). It is much more comfortable.

  • awesomeness79 profile image

    awesomeness79 7 years ago from UK

    I love my Wii as my husband uses it for COD and me for the fitness aspect of it so we are all happy :-)!

  • profile image

    Bob 7 years ago

    ps3 xbox ps3 xbox there are both great systems they are basiclly the same thing only ps3 has blue ray and xbox doesent all of my neigbors have xbox and I have played with them it is amazing ps3 is slightly better only because it blue ray

  • XXBev1lacquaXX profile image

    XXBev1lacquaXX 7 years ago

    I don't know if your care but if you look at my hub: I have a poll going about xbox vs. Ps3 it could help on deciding what to get check it out at:

  • Eddy2106 profile image

    Eddy2106 7 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL

    i already have xbox 360, because xbox gets stuff first, like the new modern warfare 2 maps, and then there's halo. But i would like a ps3 since it plays blue-ray.

  • madeline Oscar profile image

    madeline Oscar 7 years ago

    I Prefer PS3 because of the feature I can play Blu-ray

  • profile image

    farmville strategy guide 8 years ago

    well I love PS3

  • profile image

    Conman890 8 years ago

    I have played all consoles, i have a ps3. Im getting a wii tommarow but i think the best is the ps3, sure its the most money but it gives you the most in return, and freeee internet. Xbox shouldn't make you pay for onlines "extra". Wii is just a fun way to play but there is no major gaming involved.

    Feel free to add me, conman890, on psn, just say in the message why you are adding.

  • profile image

    Tony 8 years ago


    It would be great to get some advice. I was thinking of gettin' a console, mostly for parties n'stuff. Would probably use it for things like karaoke, quiz games like millionare and yeah maybe a would like to play a wee football game or car racin'/chasin game now n'again. I've heard the wii is reall good for parties, but would it cover the aforementioned? Any advice would be welcome

  • profile image

    motorolafans 8 years ago

    Well i love ps 3!!!!

  • profile image

    Da Whamo 8 years ago

    I'm thinking about buying a Wii because I want games that include exercise. But I also want "Guitar Hero". What are the best Wii games? Do they have Rolling Stones songs on the Guitar Hero for the Wii?

  • profile image

    allfreeads 8 years ago

    really interresting,i might go with the ps3 while it is more action and grown up stuff

  • Mark Rollins profile image

    Mark Rollins 8 years ago

    I'm a Wii fan myself, and the price drop is probably the worst thing that will happen to it. There will no doubt be an upgrade, it is just a question of when. I'm guessing next year.

  • profile image

    ... 8 years ago

    IMO xbox 360 is the better gaming console. I never did like the dualshock 3 controller for the ps3. The games on the 360 seem so much better like halo and gears of war. I also love to chat to friends while each of us are playing different games. xbox 360 --> ps3. but I can't say much about the wii tho... I've only played it a couple of times.

  • profile image

    The ps3 consoles Guy 8 years ago

    I am a hudge ps3 fan, so im going to say go with the ps3 every time, you also get a good rated blue ray player as you know.

    Good luck

  • viryabo profile image

    viryabo 9 years ago

    I am more of a traditional games' person, but i have developed a lot of interest in the new age games, especially the Wii games. Very good write up. I have a games site to, hence my appreciation of your write up. 5*****

  • boberto profile image

    boberto 9 years ago

    Ive got a PS3 and a Wii and enjoy both. But for me the PS3 wins hands down, its a brilliant console and has some awesome games. GTA IV and Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 are my favourite games at the moment and the online gaming is much better than the 360 in my opinion, it seems really slow when I have played it on the 360 in the past.

    I know the 360 is cheaper (to start with) but that's before you have to buy the extra memory, wires to play online etc. Choose a PS3!! its the console of champions!

  • profile image

    ryan asquith 9 years ago

    ps3 is the best because it has motion sensors(like the wii does) very good graphics (better than 360) and massive hardrive.

  • profile image

    Reisi9593 9 years ago

    for one thing ps3 can't be a copycat system of the xbox 360, they had the ps3 in development during the release of the ps2. that's basically saying that Xbox is a copycat of PS2 with a hardrive. same thing about the controls, the sixaxis was discussed around 2004 if u check online playstation development. Wii or in other words (MY LIL FRIEND NEXT TO MY TV), just happen to offer similar abilities. the wii is All about the controls, ps3 just threw that in there to mix it up. Free online=PS3 w/ Lag Free, Pay Online simiple $5.00 a month or $50.00 a year=Xbox 360 with very affordable online service. but overall if u want to join (MOSTLY) all america gamers, then get a Xbox 360 with an extremely Affordable Online Service. Or wait for Ps3's turn for it's heavy truck load of games. this is simply my opinion so do as u wish

    if anyone has a PS3, add me Reisi9593

    peace out

  • profile image

    chinc 9 years ago

    i said one little thing if you want powerfull graphics go to xbox 360 e u want fun go to the wii.

    ps3 it´s only a copycat console with blue ray, nothing more. all the games u wish in ps3 u have in xbox 360. and now sony its trying to copy the controllers from the wii.

  • profile image

    listen 2 me 9 years ago

    PS3 or wii PS3 online no money, and better games will come out it also includes a motion controller like wii. Wii on the other hand not as good graphics but like she said really good workout with a unique way of playing as you all know. interesting games on both systems: PS3: MGS 4 and littlebigplanet Wii:deadly creatures.

  • profile image

    chicken 9 years ago


  • profile image

    osburnaustin 9 years ago from Georgia

    I have both the wii and xbox 360.

    But all my friends have xbox live and my father said the only way i can get it is to buy my own xbox so..... im prob going to sell my wiii because there are only 2 good games for it. Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Guitar Hero 3 "which is also on the xbox"