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What is best? List your favorite and least favorite console of all time

Updated on January 5, 2017

What is best?

What is the best? I have been toying with the idea of what console can be considered the best of all time in my head. Just to be clear this is just my opinion. For instance my favorite video games of all time were: the Super Nintendo, then later on I enjoyed the Nintendo 64 and last but not least was the PlayStation 3. The list of my least favorite consoles were the DreamCast, the Gamecube and later on the Wii. In the following paragraphs I will explain why I choose those particular consoles as my favorite titles and why I chose the other ones as my least favorite consoles.

Well lets start with my favorite consoles:

Super Nintendo- Even though the graphics were not the best if we are comparing to systems from the current generation. It did produce some unforgettable titles, such as Super Mario World, Donkey Kong, Street Fighter and others. Also, the controller for the Super Nintendo was simple as well as straight forward which made easy for any gamer. With those attributes it is very hard not to chose the Super Nintendo as one of my favorite consoles.

Nintendo 64- Great improvement from Nintendo in terms of graphics for their next generation. Just like its predecessor it produce great games to its repertoire. Games such as Mario 64, Goldeneye, and improvements from other games such as Mario Kart, Zelda series made the N64 a very popular console for its time. Even though the controller for the N64 was a little clunky at first it was very easy to adapt to the new buttons. The only con for the N64 as well as the Super Nintendo is how long it would take to get a worn out game to work. Those issues can be easily overlooked for the N64 to be considered one of its best consoles of its era until the next generation would come into play.

PlayStation 3- In the previous generation, the Sony company introduced us to the PlayStation 2 in which was regarded by many as one of the best consoles. As the consumer interest was shifting Sony introduced as the PlayStation 3 in a time frame in which Nintendo was trying to shift their demographic into a more kids title instead of hardcore gamers. PlayStation 3 repertoire of games was very solid with sequels from established franchises such as the NCAA game series, other sports franchises such as FIFA, WWE and others, as well as newer franchises such as the Call of Duty and GTA . Also, one of the aspects that I enjoyed with the PS3 is the fact the controller is very well put together , it reminds me a lot of the Super Nintendo's controller except for the design. Even though I have been playing Nintendo consoles for most of my life, the PlayStation 3 was a completely change of pace for me and opened my eyes to other possibilities. With the content and awesome graphics the PlayStation 3 can be considered to be a great console for its time and also set the expectations high for the video game systems that would follow.

Now that I talked about the systems I enjoyed playing and I will talk about my least favorite consoles and Yes I do have some Nintendo consoles included on that list:

DreamCast: Even though the Dreamcast was somewhat successful for its time, I do not have fond memories of that system. One of the aspects that particularly did not like about that console is the fact that the games would scratch very easily and the reader of the system would not recognize very often. Yes , one would argue that current systems do scratch the surfaces of the games, but it felt like the games would scratch constantly and there was no way to save the damage games. Another aspect that I did not like about the Dreamcast was the fact that there was not a lot of games that the gamer could play. Those particular reasons that I listed before is the reason why the Dreamcast is one of my least favorite consoles.

GameCube and the Wii: Prior to purchasing a PlayStation 3 I always enjoyed playing Nintendo systems such as the Nintendo 64 and Super Nintendo. However , I have a lot of issues with the GameCube and the Wii. First of all, the selection of games for both of the systems is very poor because both systems rely heavily on franchises that were successful for them in the past. The main issue is that Nintendo completely neglected other types of gamers which forced them to buy other consoles. Another issue I had with both systems is the controllers , the Wii's controller was not the standard controller which made difficult to play certain games and the controller of the GameCube had buttons that were unnecessary, especially the c button. One issue I had with the GameCube was the disc size , which could be easily misplaced and the chances of damaging it was greater. One of aspects of the Wii that I dislike is how you are suppose to play the games, which was by motion sensors. The issue I have with that concept is the fact that the idea was easily copied by Nintendo's competitors( X-Box and PlayStation) and in the end the player just found another way to play their favorite game without doing the additional steps.

There you have it, my top 3 and least 3 consoles of all time. Let me know what you think and list your favorite consoles and least favorite consoles and the reasons why. Thanks for reading.


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    • Arthur Bianchini profile image

      Arthur Bianchini 7 months ago from Cedar Park

      I totally agree with your comment. Seems like before we could spend hours and more hours with friends play different games. Now, it feels like we play with a lot of strangers on the internet. Also, it feels like we have more accessibility to mobile games instead of buying a console.

    • Boombaztic profile image

      Boombaztic 7 months ago from Russia

      Well, I had a SNES, Gameboy, Nintendo DS, Playstation 1 and 2 and a Nintendo Wii. I think the best one was the playstation 2 because back then it was really fun to play with your friends, but nowadays you can just plug some gamepads to your computer, connect with a friend online and play everything on the PC. I guess it's all about the money, the new consoles and every game for them are too expensive now and I prefer to get them on Steam (on PC).