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Why Bioware Should Leave Mass Effect 3's Endings Alone

Updated on March 29, 2012

Unless you've been living under a rock since March 6, I'm sure you've heard all the hubbub over Mass Effect 3, it's endings in particular. In short, everyone hates them and has demanded Bioware change them. From raising thousands of dollars in online petitions to one particuarly enraged gamer taking his case to the FTC, Bioware's been under a ton of pressure to redo the endings to meet player demands. But why should they?

As a disclosure, I haven't seen the endings or played Mass Effect 3 at all. Hell, I only recently started playing the first game. However, I don't need to know what happens to know that the fans are completely in the wrong on this issue.

Changing the endings destroys Mass Effect 3 has a work of art. Bioware had a creative vision for this game and to change that vision solely because people didn't like or agree with it devalues the game's artistic value. Imagine if a popular artist painted a new masterpiece, but his fans disagreed with his color choice and demanded it be re-painted to fit the palette of their choice. That work would cease to be art. Change the endings, and Mass Effect 3 will become nothing more than a commercial product with a manufactured narrative designed only to satiate whiny players.

Even if Bioware changes the endings, I can guarantee that won't fix things. No matter what they come up with, some people still won't be satisfied for whatever reason. Some players will probably declare the new endings to be even worse. And what about the people who enjoyed the original endings? Yes, these people do exist, and if the endings are not optional DLC, wouldn't they be cheated out of the conclusion they liked? Once I get to Mass Effect 3, I know I want the original endings intact. Overall, changing things is more trouble in the long run.

Most concerning is the kind of precedent this would set if Bioware does give into fan demands. Would any game be up for edit? Should gamers have the power to change the creative vision of a developer? If that's the case, I'm starting a petition to change Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull's ending--I don't care what happened at the end of Mass Effect 3, it couldn't be more deserving of a re-do than Indy's blunder.

In the end, I hope Bioware stands it's ground for what it believes in. The customer is not always right and this backlash will fade with time. If you're among the players demanding change, I offer this advice: grow up and get over it. There are far more important causes to rally over than the ending of a video game. Either take the endings are they are, or go play something else. Simple as that.

Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this hub, please check out my other reviews and video game articles and feel free to comment below!


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    • profile image

      Icy 5 years ago

      I COMPLETELY agree. I try to tell people this when they start bitching about it but it's just no use. The whiny fans won't see it.

      There's nothing wrong with adding more closure, explanations, etc, since the ending was confusing, but just because fans feel it ruined the series, blah blah, etc… is no reason to change the ending.