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Why Empires and Allies is popular and can be addictive

Updated on September 21, 2011

Launched few months back, the latest games of the tandem of Zynga and Facebook is accumulating throngs of online players in all four corners of the world.

The game is actually a fusion of various games. It is war game loaded with a lot of enhancements and features. It also has the elements of Farmville where one can bolster its war funds through farming; like Cityville where one can build a robust and thriving metropolis spruced up with various buildings, landscape and decorations; it is also like the Frontierville where campaigns seems unending; the game can also be likened to Red Alert and its sequel the Yuri’s Revenge which captured the interest and imagination of the gamers of the late 2000.

The new battle units for level 56 to 65...
The new battle units for level 56 to 65...

Why empires and Allies can be so addictive and very popular?

After more than two months of playing the game and now totes a lofty level of 55, I reckon the following factors as the reason why the game is engaging:

  • Leveling up can be challenging since you are forced to battle different elements of the game like avoiding invasion, gathering as many resources as you can and erect buildings, industries and battle units. It is a n uphill in the beginning but once you leveled up to 30 and above and can be smooth sailing since you are beginning to have a full grasp of the game and at the same time you are already improving the breadth and width of your war arsenal.
  • The mission and campaigns of the game can be tough for the players, but these are just two of the factors that can keep a player busy and ecstatic. Why not? Aside from gaining an access to accumulating stronger and potent battle units after subduing the boss in a mission it provides it provides the players challenging tasks to accomplish.
  • You will very happy once you upgraded your battle units.
  • The power-ups in the game are truly fun to use since it needs right timing and efficiency to use them.
  • Selling your merchandise and loot can be motivating factor in mustering resources on the game.
  • Invade or get invaded. This is actually the theme of the game. Keep in mind that even if you are a lower leveled player you can still stage a successful invasion even on players that have higher level than yours. Yes you can seize a small part of other player’s empire and get away with hefty resources. You can maximize your invasion by choosing an area that is least or not protected. Bear in mind that you can return to the very place of your invasion every four hours to gain another set of the same loot.
  • The game offers a lot of exciting skirmishes like repelling any invasion in your empire or stage an arm conflict with your friends. You can also protect your friends from invasion as well. Visit an occupied neighbor and attack the aggressor. If you are successful in repelling you receive some valuable resources.
  • The sounds and graphics is stimulating and truly fantastic as the game truly depicts war. The players are triggered to be on the aggressive mode at least on the game. The sound of your battle unit’s attacks can be music to the ears. The game proves that there is no need to resort to violence and bloodshed just to be popular. Although various battle units are used here the setting seemed friendly since atmosphere is like that of the cartoons.
  • The game is user-friendly and very easy to play. You can easily play the game.
  • The game just like the other games rolled out by Zynga also thrives on social networking. You can have the opportunity to play with or against your family members, friends, relatives, colleagues and the like.


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      Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

      A very interesting write-up. Thank you for all these information.