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Why I bought MMORPG gold and so should you!

Updated on June 11, 2010

Online gold

Online gold is shiny! Would you crap your life away to get it yourself?
Online gold is shiny! Would you crap your life away to get it yourself?

Why I buy MMORPG currency

It took me a while to get to this point, and I was a hardcore player, trying to get everything myself. Then everything changed. I stared to pay for in-game services. Why? I got a job!

Getting even the minimum wage job turns the MMORPG addiction on its head. All of the sudden there are not enough hours in the day to grind or farm gold. You want to do activities with more fun per hour quotient.

At 6$ per hour, a US based fast food employee would get ~30$ per day after taxes for 8 hours of work (probably a free lunch too).

Online currency can be obtained very cheaply because there's so much competition. High level characters dedicated to grinding 24x7 can produce quite a lot of money!

How much time can you save? I spent days and days of real time grinding for gold, reagents and items in virtual worlds. A true sign of video game addiction is when you force yourself to do something you strongly dislike! Some math that I did a long time ago suggested that I spent weeks working for as low as 0.2$ per hour, while holding a 6$/hour minimum wage job. Hell, I can probably hire someone at for 1.20$/hour to farm for me or level my character.

Do you know how bad grinding like that feels once your job pays 20,30 or 40$ per hour?

But I dont play MMORPGs anymore... I just feel the pull to play them over and over again.

And yet I hate gold farmers

My first encounter with these types started in Lineage 2, where every single low level dungeon has been infested with them. These guys play to make a living and completely take away from the immersion of the game. A lot of these could be recognized by their "girl" or "boss" in the name... It's hard to come up with unique names for hundreds of farming characters!

I ended up slaughtering dozens of them every single day, yet they would come back minutes later. /Spit does not really bother online gold farmers and in games without full looting it's impossible to get rid of them. 

MMORPGs as pyramid schemes

One thing that I strongly disliked about all MMORPGs that I played was working for other players. Working for your guild. Grinding your life away for someone who has more in-game currency. This is what real life is for! Games are supposed to be fun and about having fun.

Have you ever caught yourself mining or chopping wood in-game for money? A stack of copper in World of Warcraft used to cost more than a stack of Thorium at one point. Why? Because nobody wanted to mine copper!


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    • BradHarrington profile image

      BradHarrington 7 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      I think there was an economics Ph.D candidate who did his dissertation, or some study, on the similarity between online economies and real-world economies. It was a fascinating read. Wish I could dig it up.

      I remember the days of Everquest, when people would pay good money for virtual money...