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Random Encounter

Updated on June 15, 2013

One step, two steps, three and four

can I push it a little more

five, and six, seven, eight

my palms sweat, I hesitate

step nine and then to ten

the world around me begins to spin

music begins to blare

as if from out of nowhere

my friends make quite the clamor

as they stumble and they stammer

from my pocket they emerge

to my side they converge

weapons drawn and at the ready

wielding his umbrella firm and steady

across the field in a row

the monster sway to and fro

I step forward with my weapon

as the blood lust begins to beckon

A downward swing through the air

I could get closer but I don't dare

a red flash a floating number 5

not enough my foe is still alive

next in line steps out Nash

casting a fireball rather brash

smoke clears and I see

one last monster staring at me

then there's Cid with the umbrella

upside the head he thwacks the final fellow

Trumpets begin to blare

the music comes from everywhere

the foes are gone we have won

relieved just to be done

we fist bump and begin to dance

stopping to watch Cid prance

with some experience we feel stronge

I will level up before to long

to my pocket my friends return

waiting once again for their turn

and so I walk once again

slowly making my way to the monster den

One step, two steps, three and four

haven't I done this before

five, and six, seven, eight

here it comes the thing I hate

step nine and then to ten

the world around me begins to spin.......


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