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Why Video Games Are Awesome

Updated on May 17, 2017

Awesome things about videogames.

Virtual realities, alternate universe simulators, those things your mother tells you to get off of and go outside. Games are awesome. We have action, adventure, shooters, RPG, horror and so much more. We have games for all sorts of gamers and people who are just getting into it. But for those of you who don't know why they are awesome let me tell you.

Awesome Worlds: The cool thing about games is alot of them are centered in other worlds, fictional places and sometimes even in space! There are so many worlds in games, thousands if not millions. You could go surfing in a exotic landscape, maybe go kill some zombies in an amusement park, just so many places to go and good off at.

Awesome Weapons: Wanna know whats the best thing about games? All the different kinds of weapons. Okay maybe not the best thing about games but its one of them. Swords, guns, staffs, things you can't even comprehend. BFG from Doom, Master Sword from Legend of Zelda, Fire Flowers from Super Mario. Every world and universe can have its own arsenal of deadly and most likely unusable in the real world weapons. I want the one that shoots out ice.

Awesome Things To Do: If you haven't noticed games usual defy the laws of physics and logic so there is an untold amount of things you can do. Fly, walk through walls, rip apart innocent civilians with your bare hands. OH THE KINDS OF THINGS YOU CAN DO! Just make sure they don't know where you live.

Awesome People Too Meet: Ah I love a good drink, except when I wake up in bed next to a female orc. In any case there are trillions of people and races too meet in video games. Enjoy a long walk down the beach with a talking shrimp, bask in the grassy fields with a mentally deranged twelve year old who uses animals to fight other animals. But seriously, why some may try to kill you there are some really cool people to see.

Awesome Bosses: In nearly every videogame ever made there are bosses and boss battles. Bowser, Ganondorf, Brock and several others are some better known ones. While there is some rather terrible or near impossible bosses, Dark Souls, there are some terrific bosses and boss battle themes. Just look up Dark Bowser battle theme. You will be in love.

Awesome Items: While this does kind of go under the Awesome Weapons category I couldn't help but give it its own spot. The Boomerang, Invincibility Star, Pokeballs and a whole lot of other junk. Take the Saiyan Power Scanner, yes it is first seen in the anime but since it's also in the game I can say it. Imagine this, your at a bar, someone slaps your dates rear end. You wanna protect her honor right? Check the scanner. Too high of a power level? Run. But there are so many useful items that I wish I had in this world, Solid Snakes tranquilizer gun for example, would be perfect if stuck talking to someone who wont shut up.

While there are so many cool things in games always have to remember something though, go outside you lazy twat. Video games are fun and all but a bit of exercise is still needed at least once a week. Jeez now I sound like my mother.

Anyways I love video games and in all the several hundreds and millions of them in the world there are an infinite amount of things one can do and see. So whenever you can take a load off and explore a game or two, make sure to have a nice cool and refreshing soda because who the hell drinks water.


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