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Why You Should Buy The Sims 3 Collector's Edition

Updated on October 14, 2009

I have a confession to make. I didn't buy the Sims 3 collectors edition. I didn't. And after a few hours of playing the game, I wish I had. In fact, almost every time I play the Sims 3, I now pine and silently whine, wishing that I had the foresight to research my purchasing decision before I made the leap.

To be fair, I was new to the Sims franchise. I didn't know what to expect. I thought that the collector's edition was just a cheap trick to make you pay 30 bucks more for a USB stick. Oh how wrong I was. You see, the Sims 3 quickly becomes a game about designing your world. Sure you play with the sims themselves for a bit, sending them hither and thither, forming relationships, exploring the town, inappropriately kissing old ladies, that sort of thing. Then you realize that the real draw of the Sims 3 is the way that everything, and I do mean almost everything is customizable. That's right, you can design the homes your Sims in down to the fabrics on the lampshades.

The Sims 3 is a huge leap forward in the Sims series graphically, and the Sims 3 really takes advantage of that. So how does this relate to buying the collector's edition? Well, the collectors edition comes with premium content. Mhm. Premium. Content.

People who own the collector's edition not only get a snazzy in game car, sims music and that cute little USB drive, they also get access to premium content online, which the rest of us plebs cannot get access to at the present time. So for an extra twenty bucks up front, you get content that other people can't. If I'd known that when I made the purchase, I would have gone for the collector's edition straight off the bat. Now I must make do with the basic content.

If EA had made this a little more obvious instead of going on about a silly pixel car (cars are hardly the high point of SIms 3 gameplay,) and a gimmicky USB drive, then I would not currently be scheming and anxiously waitng for some mods and expansion packs to come out.

So heed my tragic story, sims fans. If you love the Sims, then you will absolutely love the Sims 3, and I promise you'll have much more to toy with if you put out up front for the collector's edition. (Or, as I think they should have called it - the full edition.)

Sims 3 Unboxing


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