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Why it is so hard to level up in games - the real motive behind the game developers and producers

Updated on May 14, 2017
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A sample

We know that games are meant for people to luxuriate in a world of fantasy and thrilling bravura, however, games are not meant to be easy as expected. I am not referring to the game apps that you play on your smartphones while you are commuting to work, but those serious, high-resolution games with a high playerbase that people would invest their money in exchange for exclusive access to members' worlds and special equipment.

There are a plethora of massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), and there is no gainsaying that people who specialize in playing a particular game will also dabble in others. Or, they might even get bored of a game and migrate to a different one altogether. Game creators and producers are readily tapping into this gargantuan resource of gaming fanatics to earn profits. And one of the avenues to earn profits is to set up, you got it right, premium memberships for players.

These memberships are expensive. While some games that are tailored for kids can cost $9.95 for a month, games that are meant for adults with high-octane scenes can cost much more. It is not an easy task to earn extra money to defray the costs for these memberships, barring you are very sure that your essentials can be well met.

This might sound a bit of a digression, but it isn't. When people got obsessed and enraptured with a particular game, they will consider forking out money for memberships. For the game companies to survive and maintain their servers over the long haul, they will deliberately cause the game to be challenging, inasmuch as it is difficult for free-to-play players to level up.

Then, they will tout what benefits the memberships will entail, such as having a faster leveling up rate, exclusive worlds, pets, minigames and weapons. These are the hallmarks of the game, and much persuasion is set up as an enticement for subscriptions to the game. As an alternative to paying membership, there is even an in-game currency which can be bought for real money. Players can use the virtual currency to buy exclusive areas and paraphernalia.

For gamers, they will know that it takes a lot of time to level up. That bugbear has been an impediment to the likeability of the game. If non-members took their game to get acquainted with the membership benefits, they will consider paying for a membership because they read that it would be easier to level up with a membership account, and hence, they will be able to equip more potent weapons and armours (the gamer developer has no guarantee that you can level up quicker; it boils down to how much free time you have and your playing style).

Most poseurs that include high-level players are members themselves. Sometimes they might log into a non-members' world and flaunt their achievements, or make a Youtube video out of their game characters with a screen recorder. An inequitable system is then created as a result of this hauteur, and non-members will only get jealous when they play if they are not contented with the limitations of being a non-member.

So, the main motive for the game creators to make it hard to level up is that: They want to earn more revenue. A few cash can be procured from advertisements alone, so the other easier path is to set up a membership and buttress the marketing platform. As long as the game itself is exciting, stable, and trustworthy, loyal players will continue to pay for their membership and in-game currency.

For a long time to come, game companies will remain profitable.


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    • Porshadoxus profile image

      Porshadoxus 5 years ago from the straight and narrow way

      I once spent $$ for a few months membership to an MMORPG. While I was satisfied with the value for those months, the return on further investment would have been lower for exactly the reasons you state. The higher skill levels took much longer to reach.

      Fortunately, I was not 'hooked' and haven't played that game in a couple of years.

    • dailytop10 profile image

      dailytop10 5 years ago from Davao City

      For gamers, investing time and money for something that can provide countless fun is worthwhile. The people behind the games got their money and the gamers were satisfied with the experience. It's a give and take relationship.