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Nintendo Wii Cooling Stand

Updated on January 2, 2009

Nintendo Wii Cooling Stand

You've already spent enough money to purchase your new Nintendo Wii, you want to make sure that your new game console doesn't get over-heated with your intense gaming. You would hate to lose your video game disk or potentially cause harm to your game console.

There are a few different Wii cooling stands that you can purchase, the more popular and reliant are those listed here on this page. You can choose from different attributes and features, and your price will vary.

For example, the basic Wii docking station with cooling fan, will keep your Nintendo Wii docked and charged, as well as keep the console cool. It's a simple cooling system that typically includes the LED light. The price is generally $15.00 and under. But, just because it is a lower priced Wii cooling dock, it does the job

Wii 4-In-1 Cooling Stand

The Wii 4-in-1 cooling stand serves as a dock for the Wii console, but will resting your Nintendo Wii, you can also rest your Wii controller in the controller slot on the side of the stand.

The 4-in-1 cooling stand has an an illuminating light that runs from two AA batteries that are put on the opposite side of the Wii controller port.

This Wii cooling station has a built in fan that is aligned with the vent on the bottom of your Nintendo Wii, which is the ideal way to maintain your consoles temperature.

You want to keep the console cool using the cooling fan, so that your Wii doesn't overheat.

Wii Dual Charge Station & Turbo Cooler

This is probably my favorite of the Wii cooling docks; it's actually the one that I have for my own Nintendo Wii.

The Wii Dual Charge Station has the main port in the center for your console, but it also has two ports on either side for up to two Wii remotes.

The dock and cooler system charges your Wii remotes at the same time that it cools your console. Basically, the turbo cooling fan has been integrated into the vertical stand, so that your console doesn't overheat..

But, when you purchase the Wii Dual Charge Station, you also get two rechargeable battery packs. So, not only are you able to charge one remote while you use another, you have extra battery packs in case you run down the battery pack you're already using.

The cooling stand has a built-in LED light that is red while charging and blue once the remotes are fully charged, which makes things simple because you'll never have to guess when your remotes will be ready for use.

There's even an On/Off switch where you can turn the LED light on or off at the base of the stand.

Nintendo Wii Intercooler

Ok, this is one of the more simple cooling systems that you can purchase for your Wii, but it does the job.

Basically, the cooling fan reduces the ambient temperatures of the Wii console by moving the hot air away from the console. The fan turns on and off automatically when you turn your Wii on and off, which is great because there aren't any extra buttons or switches that you have to remember.

The cooling fan clips onto the back of the Wii, and it's as simple as that. You won't encounter any extra installation or modification. All you have to do is snap it on, and the cooling fan is ready to go.

It doesn't even block any rear ports on the Wii. It is built to give you easy access to all the ports without having to move it around.

The cooling fan works either horizontal or vertical, depending on whatever position you have your Wii


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