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Wii Epic Mickey: The Newest Disney-Themed Game

Updated on November 2, 2009

The Hot, New Wii Disney-Themed Game!

Wii Epic Mickey is a new game that is untraditional to most Nintendo's games. This new game has more dark and twisted adventures than their usual sugary coated games. The Epic Mickey appears to be the most promising Disney-themed video game since Kingdom Hearts! It's all about a beautiful fantasy world, and it has a twisted plot. No doubt, it will be the Number 1 releases for 2010, and it's a Wii exclusive!

Warren Spector, born October 2, 1955, is a role-playing game designer, in addition to a computer game designer. Some of Mr. Spector's credits include: 1) Editor-in-Chief for all Steve Jackson Games Products; 2) He initially worked on games such as, Top Secret/S.I., the Marvel Super Heros role-playing game, and Spelljammer; 3) Disney Interactive contracted Warren Spector, Junction Point Studios, to create a new game featuring classic cartoon mice, cats and rabbits. The game has been confirmed to be a Steampunk title and designed exclusively for the Wii.

Part of Epic Mickey's narrative revolves around the most unlucky cartoon in Disney's history, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Walt Disney abandoned this creation in favor of Mickey, who continued on to become the company mascot.

In the video game, Mickey is in Oswald's forgotten world, known as the Wasteland, and the rabbit is not happy to see him. Mickey wants to gain Oswald's trust, but Oswald hopes to destroy Mickey and claim the spotlight. Additionally, Mickey must stop the evil Phantom Blot and interact with robotic versions of Donald Duck and Goofy.

Most everyone knows Mickey Mouse as a happy smiling rodent, but he was not always a nice guy! In his early years, he was a mischievous jerk and rarely helped characters in need. Bringing both sides of Mickey to life, in the video game, players can choose to be a Hero or a playful Scrapper who picks fights with everyone.

Epic Mickey is completely different from Super Mario Brothers and Sonic the Hedgehog games. The Wii remote is used as a magic paintbrush to add or remove things to the environment, solve puzzles, enter new areas, destroy bad guys, or avoid fights.

Epic Mickey not only looks different from other games, it has its own unique pulse. There are dark versions of Cinderella's Castle, Goofy, Donald Duck and Epcot in the Wasteland. Plenty of creepy scenes, with monsters are tailor made to make use of the Wii's graphics.

Epic Mickey is in good hands with Warren Spector, and most likely will be the next big thing for Wii gamers.

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