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Wilderness Survival Minecraft Trap Mod

Updated on October 31, 2011
The minecraft wilderness trap mod in action.
The minecraft wilderness trap mod in action.

This mod adds animal trapping to the game, upping the gore factor and putting emphasis on survival at the expense of other life forms. Why build farms when you can trap animals at your leisure and collect the bacon without ever having to swing a sword? If you're far more hunter than gatherer, you're going to absolutely love this mod.

There are currently two types of trap included in the Wilderness Survival Mod, a spike trap that will slow mobs down and do some damage when they pass over it, and a lethal trap that will destroy any mob that touches it. Spike traps do not take damage and do not need to be reset, lethal traps will be 'sprung' when touched and have to be reset with a pocket knife. There's also a trip wire, which I'll elaborate on after we're done with the traps.

Spike Traps

Spike traps are crafted with four iron ingots, which create four spike traps. These would be perfect for placement in a gauntlet style arrangement because they don't degrade or become sprung. If you want to wear down your enemies before they get to you, place several spike traps outside your home or base. Or, for a more classic approach to the problem of catching animals, put them at the bottom of a hole for an old time spike pit.

Lethal Traps

These are essentially spike traps with a wooden base. Unlike spike traps, they only work once, (though they can be reset after they are sprung) on the plus side, they do lethal damage, which means you will destroy your foe every time. Lethal traps are perfect for the free range hunter or someone very serious about protecting bases.

Trip Wire

The trip wire isn't a trap in and of itself, it's basically a reskinned switch that sends a redstone pulse to something that can act like a trap (think dispensers filled with arrows, or perhaps a disappearing lava pool.)

This is the sort of mod that deserves attention, it's going to be a great addition for anyone looking to build mob grinding traps and will also fit well into a free ranging survivalist strategy too. It's currently only available for 18.1, but that's largely because that's the only version of Minecraft officially released at this point in time. I'm looking forward to seeing mods like this working in the hard mode where death is permanent, after all we need all the tools we can get to make minecraft life a litle easier amongst the creepers and endermen. There's also a whole world of possibilities for these things in a multiplayer situation, but we're getting ahead of ourselves there for sure.

Click here to download the Minecraft Wilderness Survival Mod!


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