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Wildstar Class Guide

Updated on June 5, 2014

Picking The Right Wildstar Class For You.

I have played many mmorpgs and when it comes to class selection in a new mmorpg I tend to get stuck on my choice of which class to roll on day one. If your having the same problem with Wildstar then perhaps I can help you decide by giving you a brief but accurate look into each class and what role you will be performing in the game by playing this class.

Without a doubt some of you would of already decided which role and class you will undertake in Wildstar online but this may change your mind if you feel like a certain class will suit your needs and wants better.

Wildstar will have 6 classes at launch:

  • Warrior
  • Spellslinger
  • Medic
  • Stalker
  • Esper
  • Engineer

Which will you play I wonder.

First The Wildstar Warrior

The Warrior in Wildstar looks like a fantastic class I must say. They have powerful weaponary and unstoppedable armor and are best played up close in any fight, I found in beta that they can asborb large amounts of damage whilst dealing some serious pain themselves this is my kind of class which I normally play in most mmorpgs. I love tanking.

Warriors can have a lot of Grit which means they will have high health, very useful in both PvE and PvP. This mixed with their Brutality means they are a walking death dealing machine which will require some effort to take down.

The Warrior in Wildstar uses kinetic cells to power their abilitles, abilties that can be used to cause massive damage and use CC abilties to lockdown or disable their enemies. This is very important for tanking and PvP. Another thing I enjoy about the warrior in Wildstar is their massive plasma sword which looks great and allows the warrior to cause constant AoE Damage.

Ideal Roles: Tank, Melee DPS

Wildstar Warrior


Wildstar Spellslinger Description

Spellslingers in Wildstar are an interesting class to say the least, I can see them being a very common class due to their dps output potential not only that but they can heal aswell. Using two mag pistols and a array of magics the spellslinger along with their amazing dodge abilties will make excellent solo PvP classes.

This class I feel is mainly about causing massive amounts of damage without taking very much. This can be useful if you enjoy playing burst characters in games and this may be the class for you. Spellslingers wear light armor and can use their ablilites by using mana and you'll need a lot of it if you plan to roll a healer spellslinger in Wildstar.

Spellslingers primary attribute will be either insight for a healing setup or finese for a damage dealing role, thats your choice and its yet to be discovered if any decent hybrids can be made with this class from what I see i'd say yes.

Ideal roles: Range Dps, Healer

Wildstar Spellslinger

Wildstar Medic Because Everyone Needs A Medic Sometimes

The Wildstar medic as you might expect is the games primary healing class. They are healers and close range damage dealers that use fields and probes to aid their allies whilst also dealing damage and other debuffs to their enemies. They are healers that are expected and best used at medium range in a fight. For this fact they can wear medium armor which will help.

Using a Resonater as their main weaponary they can certainly hold their own in a battle and from what I seen can outlast most enemies.

Most likely to be the most common pure healing class in the game and they will certainly be very useful in PvP and PvE they have some amazing abilites which will be vital to keeping their group alive in the fray.

Medics use powercores to use their abilites this will mean using the right skills at the right time will be essential to anyone that plays a medic in wildstar. If you play a medic I recommend you stack a lot of insight for your healing abilites you will not regret it.

Ideal Roles Healer (duh) and Close-Medium range dps.

Medic Skills And Abilities

Stalking with the Wildstar Stalker

This is again another class I see being very popular because one they look awesome and two they have stealth abilites, which are two things that a lot of people seem to believe make a good class. These kind of classes are always popular in mmorpgs.

The stalker in Wildstar uses two claws as their main weapons and have a whole host of abilites which allow them to be more effective with these claws but also defensive abilites which will keep the stalker alive. Stalkers can get an upgrade to medium armor which I find amusing due to the fact that they are rogue like classes or can be played as one for sure. This mixed with their defensive skills means Wildstar stalkers can be effective tanks also.

Stalkers can attack their enemies where they are most vulnerable causing great damage and other disabling effects. Stalkers will also have useful CC when in large fights making them very usefull in both Pve and PvP.

Ideal Roles: Close Range Dps, Stealth DPS, Tank

Wildstar Stalker

Wildstar Esper Moving Things With Their Minds

For me the Esper is the ranged damage dealer in this game, They can release damage just as fast and in less skills than the spellsplinger, this is good to know if you enjoy playing the ranged huge dps dealing classes. Espers use there fearsome mind power to damage enemies and use a weapon called a psyblade which yes they throw around using only their minds.

Only allowed to wear light armor I'm sure people will beable to bring Espers down once in range but from what I've seen of Espers that may be the problem they have amazing damage outputs and for me are this games main range dps for pure dps. They can also heal like the spellslinger although I wouldn't choose this for my Esper as I would just go mainly damage as far as I can.

They have abilties which can buff their allies which is always useful even of most people know you there just to damage the hell outta everything you can do this by stacking lots of Moxie which will make you a killing machine.

Ideal Roles: Range DPS (and lots of it) Off Healer/Buffer

Esper Skills and Animations

Fixing Things With The Wildstar Engineer

Wildstar engineer use rocket launchers what more needs to be said... Well the engineer class is alot more than just that in Wildstar they can fit both DPS and tank roles and are basically builders that can make bots to do various things such as artillery and support. They also wear exo suits to keep them alive. This is heavy armor which allows them to stay in the fight supporting their allies.

If huge dps from a long distance is something that suits you aswell as being able to take some serious punishment then the wildstar engineer may be your choice of class because yes they have rocket launchers and robots that have robot launchers. Having pets like this in any mmorpg is always great for people who like to play solo and I feel like the engineer will be next to the warrior when it comes to solo play they are slow moving units of destruction against groups and single target enemies.

At the moment the Wildstar engineer can have 4 different bots with all different uses for support/CC and dealing damage (and even one that off tanks for you) choosing the right bot for the fight will be a huge game changer and I can see Engineers being very useful in tactial group PvP

Ideal Roles: Tank, Long range DPS/Support

Wildstar Engineer

Which Wildstar Class Are You Playing?

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© 2014 Morrow66


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