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Wildstar Classes

Updated on July 14, 2014

WildStar Online: What is the Most Popular Class?

WildStar offers six different classes that players can choose from to interact with the game. Each class has unique characteristics and abilities. Below is a description of the each WildStar class in order of popularity.


Spellslinger is the most popular class among WildStar players. Statistics show that 19.92 percent of players choose this class. Many find the Spellslinger class appealing due to its unique capabilities stemming from Spellsurge. Spellsurge increases the damage inflicted by the Spellslinger and allows swift healing of allies. It also rapidly decreases the Spellpower so players must learn which maneuvers benefit most from using it. Spellslinger can enter a 3rd dimension, the Void, which lifts him out of the world as a means of escape. The Gate allows the Spellslinger to teleport 20 meters. The Spellslinger is a light armored class with superior flexibility.


The Warrior class is chosen by 18.14 percent of WildStar players. It is one of the most popular because it is the most powerful and heavily armored class. The Warrior carries a sword as well as an Arm Cannon that is capable of attacks at various ranges. It can also generate a plasma wall that reduces the amount of damage perpetrated by the enemy. The Warrior has two stances during combat. The Onslaught stance increases the damage output but reduces resistance and healing. The Juggernaut stance reduces the amount of damage inflicted by the enemy as well as damage dealt. Players can switch between the two stances at will.


The Stalker is a favorite among 17.22 percent of WildStar players. It is an exceptionally versatile class with three different stances. The Basic stance doesn’t affect damage capabilities or resistance but allows the Stalker to move at faster speeds. Lethality stance intensifies the damage produced by the Stalker while Evasive increases resistance. They have stealth capabilities in all three stances. Stalkers have lethal claws and other weaponry such as nano-darts and tethered mines. Its nano suit allows it to produce bursts of damage and prolongs the time they can engage in battle. Stalkers also have cloning abilities that can be used to confuse opponents.


The Engineer is the preferred class for 16.70 percent of WildStar players. This class has heavy armor to help it survive well in battle and is capable of massive damage. The Engineer carries a launcher and is accompanied by a couple of bot pets that help him fight the enemy. The bots are also capable of providing healing for the Engineer and his allies. An Exo Suit operates in Eradicate for assaults or Provoke when on the defensive. It also allows the Engineer to run at full speed. Engineers can build Volatility which allows them to use skills such as Electrocute, Mortar Strike and Bolt Caster.


The Esper is chosen by 16.14 percent of WildStar players. It is a light armored class with outstanding healing abilities. The Esper can summon illusions and conjure pets to aid in battle. They can be played as either a healer or damage purveyor. The Psy-Blade offers protection as the Esper’s primary weapon is her wit. Psi-points are accumulated to enable the Esper to use abilities such as Telekinetic Strike which consists of ethereal blades used to attack the enemy. Telekinetic Storm produces a storm of swords. An Esper played as a healer can produce Mind Over Body to generate healing effects.


The Medic is played by 11.87 percent of WildStar enthusiasts. It wears medium armor and has exceptional healing abilities. The Medic’s abilities have a shorter range than other healers so its skills are designed for close range attacks. They have skills that enable them to engage in battle for a prolonged length of time. Medics can teleport and place opponents in subdued states. The Energize skill allows the Medic to double his damage and recharge Actuators. Actuators enable the use of abilities such as Quantum Cascade or Gamma Rays.


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