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Will The Playstation Vita Be A Good Option?

Updated on January 5, 2012

While many people have never thought about Sony releasing a new gaming system, they not only are releasing one, but it is a new handheld gaming system. The problem is you may be asking is the new Playstation Vita going to be a good enough game for you to use and replace some of your other handheld systems. This is when you need to realize this gaming system is not only going to replace most of these other handheld systems, but it is going to literally blow them out of the water.

To help you learn more about this you will want to visit the site listed above, but you need to realize this system is not even released yet and already getting quite a few good notes. However, even these good notes may not do the new gaming system enough justice.

The number one feature you will notice for this gaming system as a whole is the great game selection. Now most of the handheld gaming systems I have played with before have a limited selection of games. This limited selection typically leads to me buying a gaming system to play one game and only one game because it is the only one worth playing. With this system you do not have to worry about it because Sony decided to do the smart thing and launch this with games which are already popular.

Something else you will really like to see is the great screen which is present. Now I have played some games which on a screen this small look distorted or even terrible. However, from what I have seen in various reviews and even information on this type of gaming system the screen size and games are properly proportioned. Without this type of screen it is easy to have trouble getting the great look you want to and this can easily hurt your eyes.

The main question you may be asking will the Playstation Vita end up replacing the PSP, I would have to say in my judgement the answer is a definite yes. However, you will have to wait until February which is the projected release date for this item the last I seen. Many places, though, are allowing you to preorder at a lower price and this can easily be a great option for you to take advantage of to save even more money for your gaming needs.

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