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How to win at Elements the Game

Updated on May 17, 2010

First things first, you need to play the game. There's many sites it's hosted on - take your pick! There are a few other games called elements as well, so for this article we'll be talking about the trading card game. Many strategies allow you to win at it, but here's one that also lets you get elemental mastery.

Why do you want to master?

It gives you double the points, and double the maximum win gold to spend on new cards. You should always try to master an opponent in Elements as often as you can. Simply have all your health when you win to make it happen.

The easiest way for this is to pick the mark of life. It lets you play cards that allow you to regenerate your health. The rare weapon gives you back some health every turn. It has a healing spell that gives you HP instantly. There's also a permanent enchantment called Empathic Bond that awards you one heart for each creature you have in play on your side of the card game.

Playing the card game online.
Playing the card game online.

This bond card is what this strategy for winning elements revolves around. You can either mix it with boneyards, which give you skeletons every turn, or firefly summoners. This deck uses the Firefly Queen. It's a card that uses the wind element in this game. Throw some pillars for it into your deck as well. Everything else can be life! For two green quanta it'll spawn a firefly every turn. These do 3 damage, make you extra mana, and give you extra life for every empathic bond you play.

Fireflies can quickly overwhelm your enemies if there's enough of them. But that's not all. A rustler (another green life creature you can play in Elements) turns all the white mana they generate into bonus green. You can save this up using their ability to play expensive cards like dragons way before you could normally. It also lets each firefly pay it's cost for itself after just one turn.

Of course, not all ways to win are a lot of fun. This strategy can be really boring waiting for your cards to show up and a horde of fireflies to be created. It's also vulnerable to some enemy effects like otyughs, plague or thunderstorm.

What's your strategy for playing elements?

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    • Leviathan profile image

      Leviathan 7 years ago

      Thanks! I had fun playing it too, until the endless grind to buy better cards at the end. Ah well, games can't be perfect :)

    • Winterfate profile image

      Darrin Perez 8 years ago from Puerto Rico

      A brief but concise article. Great job! :)

      I've played this game as well. Got bored of it for reasons I don't truly remember, but it was fun while I played it.