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WoW Dungeon Gold Farming Guide: Scarlet Monastery

Updated on June 30, 2017
fluffykin profile image

I've been playing World of Warcrat since 2008 with the launch of The Burning Crusade. I enjoy gold-making and achievement hunting.

Scarlet Monastery Loading Screen
Scarlet Monastery Loading Screen

Scarlet Monastery is a level 30 dungeon which is located in Trisfal Glades. As an Alliance player, it takes me a bit to get there but it is always worth it.

In this dungeon we are primarily hunting green BoE items that sell for a lot of gold. These items are RP pieces. They are sought after for transmogs or completing sets for an RP scenario.

These items may not sell as well on your server and that is you should check your Auction House before proceeding with this guide. I play on Argent Dawn - EU and farming RP gear is quite profitable for me.


For this gold farming method, I am using the Trade Skill Master add-on, paired with the Desktop Application so I can get updated prices for my realm every 1-2 hours. You can also Scan the Auction House with this add-on and build a small database of prices that will assist you with making gold.

I am also using LootAppraiser which takes data from the Trade Skill Master add-on and calculates the amount of gold items you loot are worth. It is not 100% accurate but it helps me differentiate the RP items that sell from the all the other BoE green items that drop.

Until now, Loot Appraiser has been quite handy and it alerts me when an item that dropped has been sold previously for 200 gold.

You can find a video below of my level 100 Frost DK with the route I take and the way I farm this dungeon.

LootAppraiser in action
LootAppraiser in action

How to Farm

Always skip the first part of the Dungeon, namely the Forlorn Cloister. That area is not worth farming as the amount of time it requires to gather every single monster there is simply too big.

After you enter, go straight ahead and kill Thalnos the Soulrender, so the door to the next part of the dungeon can open.

After killing Thalnos, go through the door and into the Crusader's Chapel. Here you will find a lot of humanoid NPC's.

Gather them all, go up the stairs, gather more and kill Brother Korloff so the door to the chapel opens up.

Don't kill the mobs yet. Go inside the chapel and gather all the NPC's around (I recommend skipping the boss as it is quite time consuming). After you get everyone, on the left side as you are looking at the last boss, you can go in one of those rooms and wait 10-15 seconds for all the NPC's to gather on you.

When they are all there, kill them all with an AoE spell or ability and there you have it.

Proceed to take your loot, run back out and repeat the process again.

More details on how I farm the dungeon in the video below.

Gold Breakdown

All right, let us talk numbers now.

Completion Time - 4 to 5 minutes (This includes the time it takes to run back out of the dungeon.)

Looted - 10 silver

Trash - 1 gold

4 Green BoE Items ~ 5g disenchant value each

2 RP Items:

  • Insignia Boots ~ 200-500 gold
  • Glimmering Mail Coif ~ 300-600 gold

49 Silk Cloth ~ 1 gold each

This averages 71 gold per run without the RP items.

With the RP items, if I sell them for the minimum price, the average per run is 571 gold.

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Again, I recommend checking your servers Auction House before farming this dungeon as these items might not sell on your server.

Even on Argent Dawn it usually takes 2 to 3 days before they sell but it is so worth it.

At an average of 500 gold per run, you can make 3000 gold in 30 minutes, you might make more as there are some RP items that sell for over 2k gold a piece.

Good luck in your adventures!


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