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WoW Expansion-Watch Series: Pandaria De-mist-ified.

Updated on April 27, 2012
MoP Beta screenshot.
MoP Beta screenshot.

What is so good about Pandaria anyways?

If you don’t know already, Mists of Pandaria is the next expansion in World of Warcraft. Many people have said that the concepts they are coming out with are not good ones; however I disagree. There are a number of great ideas with this expansion and I will cover a few here.

This will be the first part of a series on WoW MoP. As for about myself, I have been playing for 7-8 years now and have taken part in numerous betas, with a constant eye on the Public Test Realms. I have quite a lot of achievements, including Insane in the Membrane, and have been a guild leader for around 5 years now. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section and I will do my best to address them.

The Dread Wastes, Mantid Area
The Dread Wastes, Mantid Area

Pandas, Not Just For Children

The loudest group of people are screaming that Pandaria is childish. I'm here to tell you that is wrong. Majorly wrong. MoP has some dark material in it. Blood, gore, darkness, hatred itself rising to fight you as the land itself reacts to the hatred between the Horde and Alliance and manifests itself as the Sha.

Temple in Kun Lai Summit
Temple in Kun Lai Summit

New Stylistic Artwork

Some people have mentioned that they think the Asian theme is strange for the game. I find it refreshing; it has the essential WoW feel but more of a Chinese feel to it. Furthermore, Night Elf areas are highly Korean inspired from what I have seen of Korean architecture. These Temples, statues, and everything else look just plain amazing. Pandaria is beautiful, I daresay much more than Cataclysm was.

A sample of the Pet Battle frames, not fully implemented yet.
A sample of the Pet Battle frames, not fully implemented yet.

Last But Not Least: Play Styles.

The announcement of Pet Battles really got people going. One side began to riot about it copying Pokemon, and the other side was happy; they realized the truth. No more sitting bored in the main city doing nothing. My end game is not so much raiding, but achievements. That is my end game. Pet Battles gives more achievements, and more things to do when I am tired, other than the same PvP and Raiding that I have been doing for 7 years now. This breathes some life into it and gives new things to do. More pets to get, more battles, more fun. As well, there has been a few comments about possibilities of implementations of farming. I don't care either way, but I find it annoying when people bash it. It doesn't hurt them nor take away their raiding, so what is wrong with it? Play, and have fun!

I will be working on more posts to come in this same series if I get enough people interested. It took me 3-4 hours to gather images due to beta instability.


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    • Danieljohnston profile imageAUTHOR

      Daniel Johnston 

      6 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Well Ironman1992, I think they went with pandas because they are popular, there were people asking for them, and it was an area for a huge amount of new/different content to be released.

      I would have liked Azshara, or Sargeras, or even The Emerald Dream but the water zone in Cataclysm (Vashjir) turned out to not be very popular for most people, they might feel it is too soon for similar content to Burning Crusade with another Burning Legion expansion, and Ysera just lost a bunch of her power with Dragon Soul, probably too much for The Emerald Nightmare... Who knows, they might splice in Azshara the last half of MoP if they run out of material.

    • Ironman1992 profile image


      6 years ago

      I'm looking forward to the new areas and the new class. I don't understand why Blizzard decided to go with pandas, though.

    • Danieljohnston profile imageAUTHOR

      Daniel Johnston 

      6 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Pandas have been with Warcraft since before WoW actually. I understand the argument against pet battles and such, but I don't see them as harmful. Numbers have remained consistent, they have been dropping because it is that time in the cycle with people bored and all that. I understand, and people who don't either aren't playing very much or are lying, hehe.

      In a way, I agree with your assessment but in a way I do not. WoW is diseased right now, but you really have to blame Cataclysm for that. Blizzard knows they need to cut the crap and start producing quality content - which is forthcoming in Pandaria. New Pets, Mounts, Raids. Much more raiding and instances than before. Much more PvP than before. The empty promises are changing - if only because Blizzard knows they are walking on thin ice with their customers.

    • profile image

      Vrijdag Pages 

      6 years ago

      I quit wow after WotLK, and when I heard about this expansion I thought "Panda's, okay, but pet battles, no." I am not a crusade to detest where WoW is going, but it is not going in the correct direction. The game is dying a very slow death, I think. Yet, truly, I hope it can rise again, but with the direction it has gone, it is going down a narrow path to its long doom.

      However, great piece with nice pictures too. I get from it that Blizzard are pushing for the Asian market more than an American and Europe one. I just wonder, is that because numbers in Asia haven't dropped?


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