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WoW Mists of Pandaria: Account Wide Achievements

Updated on June 11, 2012

This article will cover some of the new features in Mists of Pandaria, such as account wide achievements, mounts, companions and pet battles.

Account Wide Achievements

Finally you can show off your hard earned titles and hard earned achievements that you achieved on your alt characters, Mists of Pandaria brings us account wide achievements!

In the picture above you can see a sneak peak of the types of achievements that will become account wide in Mists of Pandaria, these achievements are marked with a blue shade. This blue shade means that these achievements are battlenet wide.

Most achievements that you've earned on all of your characters will be shared amongst all of your alts and future characters, though there are some exceptions.
Zarhym talked about reputation and if this will be account wide as well:

We don’t want to make reputation account-wide. We think that removes too much of the gameplay of having an alt. Harkening back to the blog, the goal is for players to feel free to play their alts. If you have a cool mount on character A, then that might be an issue. Being exalted on character A so that enchants are easier to buy doesn’t seem like the same issue. (What I mean is, it’s a short step from there to saying character A has better gear so you aren’t going to play B).
We can understand where the desire to have reputations function in this way stems from, however. For this reason faction rep is going to work a little differently in Mists of Pandaria and, we think, will feel better for players with multiple characters Source

Account wide mounts

This feature is very interesting for the hardcore mount collectors. Account wide mounts make it possible to ride on your Amani Battle Bear or your Talbuk's on your alts! This makes not only transportation a lot more fun on your alt characters, but it also creates the opportunity to share rare mounts that you (by luck) earned on one of your alts, but rather would've had on your main character (think of the Halloween season mount).
There are some exceptions though, the arena mounts earned at the end of every season will not be account wide.

The picture above shows the new window in which all of your earned mounts are displayed. They are listed in alphabetical order, just like they are right now, only now they are displayed in a list which makes it a lot easier to find a certain mount.

Account wide pets and pet battles

Not only your mounts will be account wide, your pets will also become account wide. To the player who never really paid much attention to these companions, it might be time to consider collecting some, because the pet battle system will come with a lot of achievements.

The pet battle system is not going to play a big role in Mists of Pandaria; it won't affect raiding or dungeons. The pet battle system is something to have on the side, for when you're done with raiding or farming dungeons and want to kick back and let your pet do the fighting for a while.

The pictures below show some of the achievements that will be available for pet-battlers (this is the beta version, not the final version, changes may occur).

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Do you think account wide mounts, achievements, titles etc. are a contribution to the game?

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