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WoW Naxxramas Anub'Rekhan Raid Guide

Updated on April 6, 2009

WoW Boss Anub'Rekhan in Naxxramas

Anub Rekhan
Anub Rekhan

Anub`Rekhan Background

Anub`Rekhan is one of the first WoW raid bosses you will meet in Naxxramas as you proceed with Wrath of the Lich King. Anub is a fairly easy boss in both 10 and 25 man modes, although he is still no walk in the park, even with this World of Warcraft raid guide.

The four main abilities of Anub Rekhan can devastate an unprepared raid group, these abilities being Impale, Locust Swarm, Summon Corpse Scarabs and he starts with Crypt Guards which must all be countered in their specialised ways covered in this guide to ensure you take this WoW raid boss down with no qualms what so ever. As with all Bosses in the new Naxxramas Anub Rekhan has different stats for both 10 and 25 man raids, so please ensure you are looking at the correct part of this raiding guide for the correct info to take this boss down!

Anub'Rekhan 25 Man Abilities

As always I get the hard part out of the way first. Anub'Rekhan's 25 man abilities can be devastating to an unprepared raid group, using this WoW raid guide however you should manage to stay on your feet during the first Naxxramas Boss encounter.

But lets get down to basics

Anub Rekhan starts with around 6,800,000 hit points to start with, not much for seasoned raiders, but don't get your hopes up too fast. He also starts with two Crypt Guards, each of which has 521,000 HP. While it may seem prudent to take these both out ASAP this is not always the case, as I will explain later. In 25 man mode the Crypt Guards do a lot of damage to a disorganised raid, their abilities being

  • Cleave - 110% of their normal damage on up to three targets.
  • Acid Spit - Stacking DoT which ticks for around 500 nature damage per application every two seconds for ten seconds.
  • Frenzy - Produces an AoE immobilizing web and increases their damage by 50% as well as increasing attack speed by 60%

A pretty daunting addition to an otherwise easy boss yes? Well maybe not, Anub has some rather tricky skills up his sleeve which can set your raid group running in circles, on top of those pesky Crypt Guards!

  • Impale - An AoE that hits everyone between Anub'Rekhan and a randomly targeted player. On top of causing 5600 - 7400 physical damage this also launches players in to the air, where raid members can expect to receive up to 50% fall damage unless they do some quick slow fall improvisation.
  • Locust Swarm - At a random time between 70 to 120 seconds Anub'Rekhan slows to 75% of his normal run speed and casts an AoE around his location for a 30 yard radius. This follows him while he moves and causes a stackable DoT debuff which causes around 1313 to 1687 nature damage every 2 seconds and Important! this debuff also silences which removes all abilities, included auto-attack, so ranged and healers, careful positioning please! If this was not enough, on casting this spell another blasted Crypt Guard will spawn at the initial engage point of the raid battle.
  • Summon Corpse Scarabs - These critters are by far the most annoying part of killing Anub. The Corpse Scarabs are summoned by Anub'Rekhan from the corpses around the room, A dead Crypt Guards will release ten scarabs while a players corpse will only release five. Once these spawn they will spread out and focus on random players. For this reason it is often a good move to have mages ready with a frost nova to trap the Corpse Scarabs before they cause any disastrous annoyance to your raid.

As with most raid bosses Anub'Rekhan will go berserk after 10 minutes giving him 500% and 150% attacks speed, this is as good as a wipe, so act fast against the boss Anub!

Anub'Rekhan 10 Man Abilities

Unlike the 25 man version of the fight the 10 man Anub'Rekhan boss fight is relatively easy.  Anub'Rekhan only has 2,230,000 hp in 10 man raids and he does not start with his two Crypt Guard bodyguards that you see in the 25 man fight.  Still, it is best not to underestimate this Naxx boss with the wide variety of tricks he has up his sleeve. 

Just to clarify, Anub may not start with any Crypt Guards, but he will still spawn them.  These guys are similar to the ones in the 25 man raid but have significantly lower health at 234,000.  These crypt guards spawn after every locust storm and one will arrive 20 seconds after the fight has begun.

Anub'Rekhan's main abilities are fairly similar in the 10 man raid instance as they are in teh 25 man, but just to keep things simple let's clarify Anub'Rekhan's 10 man abilities!

  • impale - As in the 25 man version of this, Anub targets a random player and send out an AoE that affects anyone stood between Anub'Rekhan and his target.  In 10 man mode this ability only does slightly less damage at 4800 to 6200 physical damage.  You still also get thrown into the air, so healers make sure any one affected does not get killed on landing.
  • Locust Swarm Locust swarm has been severely nerfed for the ten man raids in to Naxxramas. On top of Anub slowing down to 60% of his speed the 30 yard AoE causes a 16 second DoT debuff which causes 875 to 1125 nature damage every two seconds.  This also has the silencing ability which removes all players abilities! a Crypt Guard will spawn after this has been cast.
  • Summon Corpse Scarab - Just like before Crypt Guards corpses will spawn 10 Corpse scarabs if targeted and dead players will spawn 5.  These also attack at random so be cautious!

These daunting skills may seem insurmountable to begin with but do not forget that this boss can easily be beaten with a bit of dedication!

Anub'Rekhan Tactics Map

Boss Anub'Rekhan Raid Tactics

The raid tactics for Anub'Rekhan are quite complex despite Anub's relative ease of take down stats wise. However an organised group should have no trouble sorting this out and having a successful killing of Anub on their next run! The tactics for both 10 and 25 man versions of this instance are laughably similar with one exception on the tanks. In 25 man it is suggested you take a minimum of three tanks to counter the initial two guards of Anub., this is merely a nice to have in 10 man Anub raids.  The tanks must also watch out for locust swarm, since this silence removes all abilities (Bar Last Stand) many raids get wiped simply because the tank could not do any of their normal casts.

The tanks for Anub'Rekhan should be split, with one taking Anub and the other two looking after the Crypt Guards and Corpse Scarabs.  Your main tank should keep Anub'Rekhan in his starting position when possible, but not against the wall, as this has been known to cause the evade bug.

For most groups the crypt guards should be taken down instantly, while some prefer to have a group on Anub and a group taking the Crypt guards out one at a time, this tactic is for those with the best gear!

When the tanks are all in the correct position your raid must spread out around Anub to avoid the full force of impale.  The mages should try and position themselves near to Crypt Guard corpses to frost nova in case of scarabs!

Anub can be kited on this instance, with the best route being along teh edge of the slime.  This can prove difficult to in experienced groups however as they can easily step into the locust swarm by accident!


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