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WoW Naxxramas Raid Guide Grand Widow Faerlina

Updated on June 3, 2009

Introduction to Naxx Boss Grand Widow Faerlina

Grand Widow Faerlina is one of my favorite Naxx boss fights, it requires careful control but actually makes good use of my priests most underused of talents on a boss fight.  This misunderstood talent, mind control, can be used on the four worshippers to remove some of Faerlina's attacks and will kill the follower when done.  The two follows, also apparent at the start of the fight hit softly but have an AoE silence and random charge which requires some careful control.

Grand Widow Faerlina

Naxxramas Grand Widow Faerlina 25 Man Abilities

Grand Widow Faerlina isas previously noted one of my favorite fights in Naxx, it tests my priests mind controlling skills in a raid boss fight, something you rarely get to see! But first things first, lets get back to basics.

Grand Widow Faerlina has 6,760,000 hit points in 25 man raid mode and as usual the 25 man version of this instance is significantly harder, requiring all members to do their roles perfectly and consistently. But first of all lets take a look at Faerlina's abilities in 25 man naxx.

  • Poison Bolt Volley - Faerlina's poison bolt volley will hits the ten closest players to Grand Widow Faerlina.  This is used approximately once every 15 seconds and deals 3375 - 4125 nature damage, as well as applying a DoT which does around 1900 to 2100 nature damage every 2 seconds for 8 seconds.  This can be dispelled but should be prevented by using Widow's Embrace
  • Rain of Fire - Targetted 8 yard AoE fire damage spell which casts Rain of Fire ona raid member causing 3700 to 4300 fire damage every 2 seconds to anyone stood within the 8 yard radius. 
  • Frenzy - Grand Widow Faerlina's frenzy ability is used approximately once every 60 - 80 seconds.  This is a crunch point for the raid group as Frenzy increases Faerlinas physical damage by 150% and her haste by 50% During this period she will hit the tank for around 20,000 damage, be warned!  This can be prevented with Widow's Embrace (Use it after the enrage to stop her for the full 60 seconds)

Of course here I have mentioned the ability Widow's Embrace without explaining exactly what it is, for this I need to tell you about Faerlina's sidekicks.  This only applies to 25 man mode, in 10 man these must be dps'ed down to around 5% and finished off when required!
Faerlina Also has two 'Followers' these can be oftanked or killed immediately, either way they must be kept away from casters due to their AoE silence!

The Worshippers of Grand Widow Faerlina - 25 man

Grand Widow Faerlina's four worshippers are what makes this fight, and in 25 man mode they give every priest the opportunitty that they have always wanted - Mind Control in a boss fight.  When a priest mind controls a worshipper they must get close to Faerlina, just after Faerlina frenzies the spell Widow's embrace should be cast, this will disable Faerlina's nature school for 60 seconds, massivel reducing the amount of healing required.  Using this will kill the worshipper!

Naxxramas Grand Widow Faerlina 10 Man Abilities

When you take down the boss Grand Widow Faerlina in Naxx 10 man raid mode you will find it significantly different to that of 25 man.  For starters she has no followers, just the four worshippers and the worshippers themselves have to be taken down a the right time, they are immune to a priests mind control.  In 10 man mode Faerlina has 2,230,000 hit points, which may not seem like much, but the boss has to be taken down in under 5 minutes!

But let's get down to Faerlina's basic 10 man abilities.

  • Poison Bolt Volley - Unlike 25 man mode the poison bolt volley only hits the 3 closest players to Faerlina in 10 man raids.  It has an 8 second cooldown but is generally used every 12 to 15 seconds.  This deals bbetween 2625 to 3375 nature damage and applies a DoT which does 1480 to 1720 nature damage every 2 seconds for 8 seconds.  This is dispellable and can be prevented by using Widow's Embrace (By killing a Worshipper), 
  • Rain of Fire - Cast on players randomly through the fight, with a 6 second cooldown.  This is generally cast every 12 - 16 seconds.  It causes 1750 to 2750 Fire Damage over an 8 yard radius every two seconds for 6 seconds.
  • Frenzy - Used every 60 - 80 seconds frenzy will increase damage by 150% and haste by 50%  During teh period the tank will take 15k damage.  WIdow's embrace dispels and prevents this ability from being cast for 60 seconds.  You must kill the worshipper after she enrages to stop her for the full 60 seconds, if you sacrifice before teh enrage it will merely be halted for 30 seconds.
Grand Widow Faerlina's Worshippers in 10 Man Raid
In a 10 man raid the Worshippers of Faerlina have to be dealt with in a completely different way to the 25 man raids. They still need to be tanked but since widows embrace is released on death they require careful handling to ensure the spell is set off at the correct time!

Grand Widow Faerlina 25 Man Strategy

For the 25 man take down of Faerlina you will most likely need three tanks.  Your main tank must focus on Faerlina,your two offtanks should pick up the adds, one on worshippers the other on followers.  The main tank should take Faerlina to the centre of the room, here everyone should spread out around her in a circle while ranged dps nuke down the followers.

Just before Frenzy comes off cooldown (Get Deadly Boss Mods for this if you do not already have it) a priest must mind control a Worshipper and send it towards Faerlina, as soon as this hits cast Widow's Embrace.  Remember to be quick as Faerlina hits incredibly hard during this time!

Repeat this until done!

Healers need to be especially attentive on this boss, especially since a healer, the priest, will be out of action mind controlling at the time when the boss will hit the hardest.  Also with the high amount of AoE damage it is important for the healers to keep everyone topped up to avoid unnecessary deaths 

Grand Widow Faerlina 10 Man Strategy

Then 10 man fight is generally considered to be easier than the 25 man fight, though does require increased co-ordination and organisation. You will need two tanks, one for teh main boss and the other to tank the adds (Take them under the stairs on the left).  Any tanking class can do this as they dont hit particularly hard.

The main tanks hould pick up Faerlina after thee off tank has pulled and take her to the center of the room allowing everyone to spread out.

A couple of DPS'ers should work on getting a worshipper down to about 5% health, when this is ready the Worshipper can be ignored until it is time to kill it (as soon as possible after frenzy begins) When it gets to this point the main tank should also drag Farlina to teh Off tanks position to ensure that Widow's Embrace takes effect.

After the Frenzy has been removed the main tank should drag Faerlina back to the center and every one should re-assume their positons (With 2 dps preparing another worshipper for killing in around a minutes time!)


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