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WooCraft Hi Res HD Asian Themed Minecraft Texture Pack (128 x 128)

Updated on June 4, 2011

Look at me. Look at me. Now I have one thing to say to you: Diamond Katana. That alone should be enough to send you scrambling for the download link to this texture pack, but wait there's more. WooCraft is an Asian themed texture pack, brought to you by Woorah and the letter W for Wonderful.

So what can you expect when you load up this HD texture pack? You can expect the wonders of the world to unfold before you. Paper laterns replace torches. Jackolanterns have lovely designs on them that look like dragons or trolls or troll dragons. The art that hangs on the walls is made up of beautiful Asian inspired scenery and ink drawings of horses and other such things. Aside from the art, which is wonderful, the wool textures are also a joy to behold, with the weft of the fabric pulling apart ever so slightly in some places from wear. So realistic, so gritty. Doors too, are most wonderful. They have a great rustic asian inspired feel about them, with dark planks and thin wefts of wood wound through the glass. If you're looking for something a little more robust and refined, the iron door is made of a charming red metal finish that cannot be peered through.

The map icon is like a scroll, which is awesome. Solid trapdoors mean that you can't see what lies below them, which can either be a blessing if you want to hide something, or something of an annoyance if they happen to be blocking the way of monster mobs.

The environment of this texture pack is very bright and smooth, much more so than other comprable texture packs which seem to take great joy in making things ugly and gritty with 'realism'. Instead of making every single pixel stand out like a sort thumb, the additional resolution has been used to create butter smooth textures, which I approve of highly. Dirt looks so chocolatey I'd like to sink my teeth into it, and the texture of smoothstone is lovely too, perfect for roadways and paving. Cobblestone leaves a little something to be desired, mostly because part of the texture is slightly blurred and part of it isn't.

Glowstone looks like a honeycomb, which is actually fairly nice. Glowstone is one of those textures that makes or breaks a texture pack for me, because I enjoy using it so very much, so a nice glowstone texture is worth its weight in gold.

Mob textures are well rendered, I particularly like the cow, which looks very healthy and ready to give milk. The dogs are nice enough, but I'm pretty sure they're borrowed from another texture pack and there's nothing particularly asian about them. An Akita skin or similar might be nice for future iterations of the texture pack.

Download WooCraft Asian Inspired HD Texture Pack


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