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Wood Elves: Warhammer 8th edition rare units

Updated on May 31, 2014


Waywatchers are back for the Wood Elves in 8th edition. They have lost a little but gained a lot. They have lost the additional penalty to be shot at and killing blow at short range. In return however they have gained the hawk-eyed archer special rule this allows them to take 2 multiple shots or to make their shot no armour save. It is this last ability that gives them a great boost allowing them to shoot down enemy cavalry and monstrous cavalry or at the very least knock off a few models/wounds. They also gained a new character the Waystalker.

Combing this with a high bow skill of 5 means they can take down small cavalry units no problem, it is also effective against heavily armoured infantry. Although the bow shot is only strength 3 with the new lores available to the Wood Elves they can take Withering from the lore of shadow or Soulblight from the lore of death to make their shots even more effective.

Great Eagles

Great Eagles return in 8th with little change. The only changes are that you may now have Great Eagles in units rather then alone (though you still retain the option of taking a lone Great Eagle). The Wood Elves Great Eagle does not get access to any upgrades like the High Elves Great Eagle did.

In all honesty most Wood Elf army generals are going to take an eagle or two as baiting and blocking units and to keep costs down most likely just one. Two may also be a consideration as you can deploy them one behind the other and still get all your attacks for a smaller front rank. Once you start looking at 3 Great Eagles in a unit you have to consider that Wood Elves also have Warhawk Riders. These offer more bang for your points with the addition of the Elven riders attack and bow shot, armour piercing, killing blow on charge and fast cavalry deployment.


Good old Treemen return in 8th edition for the Wood Elves. They are still decent though having been hit with the Forest Spirit nerf bat are not as good as in 7th. In return though they are cheaper points wise. The main thing they have lost is a point of strength being reduced to strength 5. Treemen are still flammable meaning flaming attacks can make quick work of them so be careful which armies you take them against.

Strangleroots has changed now being a regular shooting attack dealing D6+1 shots at strength 5 you now have to pay extra for this so the decision is up to you. Returning from previous editions is the Tree Whack special rule. Nominate a model who must pass an initiative test or suffer D6 wounds with no armour save, this is great for taking out slow monsters or even slower enemy characters. With the new lores available to Wood Elves they can also take Mystifying Miasma from the lore of shadow lowering the enemies initiative by a further D3 points for a low casting value.

© 2014 Gordon D Easingwood


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      Wood Elf Dude 3 years ago

      That Treeman sure is an ugly looking thing! No wonder it causes terror.