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Wood Puzzle to Help Children Learn about Their Body

Updated on January 4, 2012
Beleduc Your Body Puzzle
Beleduc Your Body Puzzle
5 Layers of Puzzles
5 Layers of Puzzles
Each layer representing important elements of the human body.
Each layer representing important elements of the human body.

Babies and children are constantly discovering through play. It is what helps them learn about the world around them. With the appropriate kinds of toys, it can further support education and mental growth.

One of our favorite toys at home is the puzzle. Puzzles can help children learn in many ways, from sorting shapes, matching colors, to learning about the objects presented on the surface of the puzzle. It's also a "quiet" toy and an activity that encourages children to concentrate.

This holiday season, my son received a wonderful gift from our dearest friends. It was a puzzle made out of wood -- but not any ordinary puzzle. It was a figure of a little boy with five layers of puzzles. Each layer went deeper into the human body.

  • The first layer was a little boy dressed in ordinary clothes.
  • The second layer showed him in his birth clothes (nude).
  • The third layer showed the muscles of the body.
  • The fourth layer showed the internal system of the body, from the brain, heart, liver, to intestines.
  • The fifth layer showed the skeletal system.

My son loves puzzles, so this was a wonderful gift! It's an additional bonus that it has educational value. It will help him learn about the human body and what it's made up of.

This puzzle is very unique. I have never seen a puzzle layered in such a manner. I know my son will have lots of fun learning and playing with this toy for years to come.

This particular puzzle is labeled for children age 4 and up. It's also a nice size standing nearly a foot tall and 6-inches wide. It is made by a German company called Beleduc. I found a couple of other interesting puzzles it makes and sells on Amazon, such as a little girl, mother with baby in her stomach, one focused on seasons, and others focused on animals, vegetables, and more.

If you are looking for unique puzzles for children that can help them learn, I highly recommend the puzzles from Beleduc. It's also great that its made out of wood - nice and sturdy.

Please comment if you know of any other fascinating toys that are great for helping young children learn.


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