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Buy Wooden Blocks

Updated on December 6, 2010

Are you looking to buy wooden blocks?  They are a fantastic toy for children that helps your kids to unleash their imagination and create awesome and wonderful structures from what is given to them.  They come in all different shapes and sizes, and for your kids.  Come are colored and others just have the natural wood coloring.  Depending on the age of your child, you could find a set of wood blocks that would work perfect for them.

Wooden Building Blocks With Different Shapes

There are some very popular sets of building blocks made out of wood that feature different shapes and sizes of blocks.  These types of blocks are great for younger kids, and will allow them to make some cool looking structures, they just won't be able to build as high or elaborate because they will be stuck with whatever pieces they have.  Here are some popular wood blocks:

Lincoln Logs

While not necessarily wooden blocks, they are a popular wooden building toy.  They interconnect, allowing you to build very stable structures, but all of them end up looking like a log house (which is the intended purpose) but it isn't much for building your child's imagination.  Lincoln Logs are much better suited for younger kids.


Citiblocs are definitely my favorite type of wooden blocks.  All of the blocks are built to be the exact same size, and their proportions are exact to that they will allow you to build awesome, tall structures, that are sturdy and are only held together by gravity.

They come in different colors.  You can buy the normal blocks which are just the regular wood color, or you can buy their "warm colors" pack with reds and oranges or their "cool colors" pack which comes with blues, and greens.

They are a great, environmentally friendly toy, that allows your kids to bring out the most with their creativity.

Kapla Blocks and Keva Blocks

Much like Citiblocs, there are other brands that have a similar type of style.  Kapla Blocks and Keva Blocks are made out of different types of wood, both heavier than Citiblocs, which helps add to the sturdiness, but there are some types of structures you just cannot build with heavier blocks.

Kapla Blocks and Keva Blocks are both more expensive than Citiblocs are.


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