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Words With Friends Cheat Strategy

Updated on May 2, 2012

One of the most popular games being played on Face book is the game Words with Friends. The same game that recently landed actor Alec Baldwin in trouble when he refused to stop playing it on an airline flight when asked by a stewardess to turn it off.

Basically its scrabble. With one important distinction. Unlike Scrabble where you are sitting at a table with your old maid Aunt who beats you game after game pulling words you have never heard of out of thin air, you play on-line.

Why does on-line make it different? Because you can get help and by help I mean cheat and turn the tables on those smarty pants in your life.

You may think to yourself where is the challenge in that? And that can't be fun.

Believe Me Its Fun.

Next you may say well they will know I am getting help (cheating). The beauty is they probably won't. Most of the time people you will be playing will be playing you using their smart phones. The trick to getting help (cheating) is to play from a PC or laptop on the Face Book site itself.

(Just type "Words with Friends" into the search function on Face Book and it will bring you there)

By playing from a computer instead of a smart phone you can have several screens open at a time to "help" you.

First Off: Learn the Basic Tricks (Non-Cheating)

As you can see from the picture on the right you need to know how to make multiple words in one turn.

By placing IRE on top of ANY you have scored on IRE, the word EN, and RASH. You can't see the h on RASH in this picture but believe me its there!

You might say EN is not even a word. It is, the Aunt that beats you knows this is a word and so must you. Keep this web page open while playing for quick reference to two and three letter words you have never heard of nor will you ever use other than in this game.

Its also a good idea to dump C's and V's as soon as you can as you cannot make any two letter words with these letters.

And if you don't do anything else commit the word "Qi" to memory. It will wreak havoc on your opponent.

Obviously try to hit as many double and triple words as you can. There is also a 35 point bonus if you use all 7 of your letters in one turn. It's rare but worth keeping an eye out for.

Use the scramble button as well. This rearranges the 7 tiles you are holding and will let you see possible word patterns. Sometimes the tiles will randomly align themselves into a playable word you may not have thought of.

The end game in a close match is of utmost importance as well. If you use all of your tiles the game is over and point value of letters still in your opponents hand are deducted from their overall score. Don't get stuck in a close game holding high value letters like Q or Z in case your opponent uses all their tiles before you get a chance to get rid of them.

The Game Changer

This my friends is the word generator. It can't be beat by any human opponent I have met. I have scored over a 100 points in one turn using this bad boy. When you have this for letters ueetutx it will spit out Tutee and stun your opponent at a crucial time in the game.

While your opponent is racking their brains for several minutes trying to come up with a word to keep up with you, simply enter the letters you have into the program and pick the best option for when it's your turn again. Also don't forget to add the letter you wish to build off of to say, make a seven letter word to hit that Triple letter score box if necessary.

I recently also discovered there is an I-phone app called Help With Friends which uses all of the words used in Word With Friends (there are some variations from what is allowed in Scrabble). I have not tried the app but per the summary it tells you the highest scoring word possible given the letters you have.

Earlier I said you likely won't get caught cheating but you should try to use some deception. Occasionally play a word like HAM. Otherwise if you're say, 12 years old and throwing out words like fiduciary every other word your opponent's going to smell a rat.

Its also a good idea to only use "help" when you need it (you start losing). Play straight up when you're ahead in points, just keep your opponent within striking distance as you near the end of the game. Use THE GAME CHANGER with discretion and you can wipe that smug look off your Aunt's face for a long time to come.


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    • profile image 6 years ago

      Too bad for him..But me I am also addicted words with friends games..I did download on my phone because I really love to play the game.I use ANAGRAMMER to give me more hint.