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Working title- Project: Mercenary

Updated on April 17, 2013

Hello Internet. Today, we won't be doing a review. I wanted to have something lined up for today, but there's just nothing I can accurately review right now. Instead, I've got a project I'm working on. It's a working title, as seen in the title of the hub here, a Video game I currently call "Mercenary." It takes place in a future where technology and nature have finally begun to coexist. You are a mercenary who has just moved into a new town. Your friends have taken on different endeavors, and you've recently left your snobby father's home, and are ready to begin your new life as whatever you want.

The game takes some dynamics from games like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing, but incorporates more combat and crafting, instead of farming (though I think That could be an added dynamic in the future. Maybe.) The player is able to customize their appearance, their house, and several other features as they perform missions, build social relationships with the people of the town, and explore the surrounding areas. Here's a list of notes I made on the different Dynamics.

The premise of the game.

-Project Mercenary is similar in several respects to more common simulation games such as those of the harvest moon series.

-The game is set in a futuristic world. The main market is dominated by a group known as the Ryou Co., who employ Mercenaries to gather and craft items for their sales.

-The game begins with the player and his friends, all of whom are mercenaries, but do not work for Ryou Co., meet in a bar after one last mission. The other two, for their own reasons, are leaving the group. The player having recently left his father's house, has nowhere else to go, so his friends help him chip in with the most recent mission, and the player finds a choice of three homes he can afford in the paper.

-Once the player has chosen their house, they will be given a mission to begin their new life as a mercenary in their new town.

-The player will be able to customize their hair, clothes, and eyes at the beginning of the game, but will only be limited to three outfits until they purchase more.

Clothing: you're not allowed to be naked.

-Along the course of the game, the player will be able to make more clothes. This will become necessary, as clothing has two meters to it: Condition, which determines whether or not the item is wearable, and cleanliness.

-Items can only be worn if they're clean, but cannot be worn if they are in “Unusable” condition. They can, however, be worn if they are in any other condition. Item's cleanliness and condition will affect how people in town interact with the player, and can help, or harm the player's reputation, and reception accordingly.

-Some items, even wearable one's such as clothes, can be given as gifts. Items such as tools and weapons can only be given as gifts under certain conditions. Item's cannot be given as a gift if the player has worn or use it themselves.

-Items can be further customized in different manners. Items can be dyed, studded, plated, and printed to add uniqueness.

-Dying allows the player to change the color of selected clothing. Dying will remove prints, but will not remove studs or plates

-Printing allows the player to add a design of their choice (possibly make their own) onto their clothing. Printing images can be placed on studs or plates, will be layered under them.

-Studding Clothes will add small metal studs to the lining of the clothing, or in a number of other places, and can even be put in a pattern. Studs can also help protect players from damage.

-Plating outfits will add a metal plate in the designated shape or design. Plating can be incredibly expensive, but increases the item's durability, appeal, and defensive ability.

-Customizing clothing will require the player to have certain items along with the clothing, to encourage gathering of all kinds, as well as to alleviate price possibilities.

-The player will begin the game with a washer and dryer to clean their clothes, and will be able to learn to repair clothing and equipment on their own.

Equipment: You're a mercenary. You need to protect yourself.

-Equipment, unlike clothing items, are used outside of town, and are needed for: Combat, mining, hunting, fishing, foraging, and logging

-Equipment doesn't need to be clean, but does have a durability meter, and will break, becoming unusable.

-Unusable equipment can be repaired, but if used while in unusable state, the equipment will eventually break and disappear, requiring the player to buy new equipment.

-Weapons, pickaxes, bows, rifles, logging axes, fishing rods and other tools all qualify as equipment. Other items, such as protective gear, also qualify as equipment.

-Equipment can be sharpened (or weighted/Spiked), augmented, strengthened, or Rigged.

-Sharpening and weighting/spiking allows the player to increase the functionality, or damage in a given weapon or tool. Bows, Rifles, and fishing rods cannot be sharpened or weighted/spiked

-Augmenting weapons requires materials in order to increase the power and firing rate of bows and rifles, and will allow the fishing rod to catch bigger fish.

-Strengthening increases a weapon's durability, and has a chance to add a “damage multiplier” which then has a chance to double, triple, or even quadruple an attacks damage. It cannot be used on logging axes, pickaxes, or fishing rods.

-Rigging is an expensive. way to turn a tool into a weapon, or vise versa. Logging axes can be turned into battle axes, swords can be turned into knives, and several other possibilities. Rigging can also destroy the equipment if the player is not skilled enough.

-Clothing equipment can be augmented, but is otherwise treated as clothing with it's customization possibilities.

Combat: Fight! Fight! Fight!

-Different weapons do different amounts of damage. Weapons that do more damage lose durability faster, and vise versa.

-Combat cannot take place in town, unless in the arena or a given event takes place, such as an NPC mercenary attacking someone, or a bar fight breaking out.

-Some events can initiate combat, such as the previously mentioned bar fight, or an NPC mercenary attacking.

-NPC mercenaries will not attack the player aggressively when they do attack in town, except during a bar fight.

-The player cannot be penalized for equipping their weapon during an NPC mercenary attack, but can be during a bar fight.

-A player can start a bar fight depending on their actions, but will have a much harsher fine when it's over.

-If the player doesn't start the bar fight, they have the ability to escape it without any form of penalty. They will suffer the normal penalties if they participate in it.

-Other than bar fights, the player can participate in arena fights, or free training, where they can fight dummies for practice, or challenge NPC mercenaries and fight for money.

-Arena challenges are scheduled, and once the match has been planned, the player cannot back out. The player can back out if they are waiting for confirmation.

-The player must pay for a reservation if they challenge someone to an arena battle. This is non-refundable

-If the player wins an arena challenge, they are rewarded with money, a free repair of their equipment, and have a chance to acquire something extra. If they lose, they lose a fixed amount of money, and lose equipment, depending on the stakes of the challenge.

I have many more features planned out for this game, but I thought this was a decent supposition of some of the features in the game. I'm only barely on my way to actually beginning the development, but what do you guys think?


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