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World of Warcraft Nostalgia - The Beginning

Updated on April 10, 2013
Original Log In Screen
Original Log In Screen

I played World of Warcraft for 8 years with an uninterrupted subscription. I spent a good portion of my teenage years playing this game and it is only a few months ago that I finally decided to call it quits. But this is no un-subbing story, no, this is a trip back to the early days where I'm going to recall my lengthy time with this game. I will, over the course of many entries, retrace my steps all the way from the beginning of vanilla to the first few months of Mists of Pandaria. This has been something I've wanted to do for a long time and it will be a nostalgia trip for many and I hope you enjoy the ride.


So let's start way back at the beginning with my very first character, Namels, a human warlock. The name actually came from my first character in Rune Scape, a red-headed, bearded man, so of course my wow counterpart was the same. The concept of having demon pets was really cool to me so it was a natural choice. Pet classes were always the attractive choice for many new players in the early days but especially for hunters. In fact, the term huntard pretty much originated in vanilla where a lot of people's first character would be a hunter and if you were bad in a group in vanilla, people remembered.

I still remember the feeling of first logging into the game. With the epic introduction for the human zone and running around, shooting shadow bolts at wolves. I also particularly recall how amazing I thought Curse of Weakness was because now instead of those Defias Bandits hitting me for 3 they hit me for 1, heck yeah! Then, the first real epic moment, was getting my Imp. Originally, you got a quest to get the imp, just like every other demon you would get in the game. Later on this was scrapped as low levels became arbitrary. At the time though, a quest to get my imp was so exciting. I was already getting a pet.

The quest was really nothing special. If I recall, it was just a book you picked up that was guarded by 3 bandits. Still it was a fun fight, the first encounter where they really tested your ability to tackle multiple mobs at once. After turning it in I got my very first pet named Zortip (which I somehow still remember). Then after completing Northshire, hitting level 6, and heading to Goldshire, I find out that my friend was playing on a different server so....delete and started all over again.

Good Old Goldshire
Good Old Goldshire

Elwynn Forest

I always liked Elwynn Forest and Blizzard must of felt the same way. For even after the cataclysm revamp of the world, Elwynn was left relatively the same. I remember every single quest to that zone but I'm only going to hit on a few key ones. I also remember that I could never find the warlock trainer in Goldshire, in fact, I never knew where it was for three whole years. I would always just run back to Northshire when I needed to train and then eventually Stormwind. I was so confused because I found every other class trainer but not warlock. One day, years later, I found the the basement of the Inn which I somehow never looked in.

Getting back Auntie Bernice's Necklace...oh that quest. Now this wasn't hard but it was really annoying. This was the first quest I encountered where it made you run back and forth and what's worse, is that it was for an annoying brat named Billy. First you got the quest from Bernice then you'd run to Billy, who made you run back to make a pie, and then finally you'd deliver it back to Billy and all before the quest really started. For after that you would have to go deep into a mine to kill a “boss” kobold named Goldtooth. I just really hated Billy.

Then there was Princess. Task sounded simple enough, just to kill a boar. However, this boar came with 2 adds! Honestly, this fight was hard back in vanilla, especially if you tried to tackle it under leveled. I think I actually died on my first attempt at killing princess and only succeeded the second time with the help of a healing potion. To think that you were given a real threat while questing in the old days, now it tends to just feel tedious.

And of course I had to mention Hogger. Now, funnily enough, Namels had no trouble at all with Hogger and I never knew what the big deal was with him. That was until I leveled a warrior a couple months later and had a hell of a time trying to solo him. Hogger was simple for some classes, while for others it was a royal pain. I still remember that people loved to have fun with hogger by making a 40-man level 1 raid to take him down. People did this fairly frequently and although I never participated in one directly, I did watch a swarm of level ones trying to kill Hogger as he went around 1-shotting everyone.

Classic Elwynn Map
Classic Elwynn Map


Finally before leaving Elwynn, as a warlock, I had my voidwalker quest to do. For the longest time, the voidwalker was my all time favorite pet. He was just a blue ball of muscle that always looked like he wanted a hug. And his voice was amazing with the classic “Send me back...” as he was summoned. He was also given a joke (later on I believe) where he would say “I am void...where prohibited” which I found fairly amusing.

The quest itself had you going to recover a grimoire from an ex-apprentice. She was the magic user you could find in a small house on the farm where princess was. Inside she was also with another named character related to a drop quest and a third guy who was there to make the fight harder. I remember getting a bit peeved about this because I had killed these 3 before out of curiosity and I now found that I had to trudge all the way back there and do it again.

So after that fight, I returned back to the Slaughtered Lamb, the “hidden” warlock training area in Stormwind. Now this was the really cool part. You would go down to a maze-like crpyt area to a demonic summoning circle. There you would summon a voidwalker which you then had to fight to complete the quest. This was really cool, that you had to actually show your dominance over the demon by defeating it to become its master. Its really a shame that demons are now just something you get as you level.

On a side note - My Voidwalker's name was Sarmoth. This is amazing because years later when I played the WOW TCG (card game) the first voidwalker they introduced was named Sarmoth! And in the miniatures game they did the same thing, naming the Voidwalker Sarmoth.


So that is it for part 1. Next time I will cover Westfall and the Deadmines. I won't always be chronological but it seems like a logical way to start.

In the comments below, feel free to share your own wow stories, I would love to read them. Also, tell me any aspect of classic wow you'd like me to cover, it may even jog my memory on a few things.


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