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World of Warcraft PvP: Hunter

Updated on June 14, 2012

Hunter Pvp in World of Warcraft

Hello all! If you are here, you are in no doubt in search for some informaion, helpful tips, or strategies for pvping as a hunter in the MMORPG, World of Warcraft. Or, you're just really bored. Pvping is an attractive feature of World of Warcraft, and personally one of my favorite. It's fun to go around and kill the other team, and get rewarded for it! Of course, you should always throw some strategy into your gameplay; turning you into a PVPer that TGN's gamers would be envious of.

First, let us start off with the equipment aspect of Pvping as a hunter. The main attributes, and really the only ones that will matter in PvP, are Stamina (Which will increase your health), and Agility (Which will increase your dodge rating and range damage). Now, gear bought from PvP vendors using honor points will be automatically specialized to include these stats, so all you have to do is buy them. But, if you do not have enough honor points, or you are lower than level 60, which is the minimum level for special PvP gear, there are some indicators of gear that will benefit you the most. Any equipment that is "...of the Monkey" will give an agility bonus, which is the most important of the two, as it will increase your range damage output. Equpiment that is "...of the Bear" will give a stamina bonus, which will also aid you greatly in your PvP conquests. When looking at range weapons, try to find ones which, 1) give you stamina and agility bonuses, 2) this one is obvious, put have a high damage output, and 3) have a high attack speed. The first two explain themselves, but having a higher attack speed will increase your rate of fire, thus allowing you to deal more damage faster.

Next, we shall discuss Roles that a hunter is given in a PvP battleground. In a battleground, the common roles are healer, tank (which is usually the flag carrier in capture-the-flag battlegrounds), and DPS. These roles are the same as Dungeons and Raids, and carry similar expectations. However, a hunter, as a DPS, also has other specific duties. A hunter is sometimes charged with the duty of stunning and slowing up enemies who are attacking your flag carrier, using scatter shot and concussive shot. Frost mages are also usually given this role. Also, especially in battlegrounds such as Arathi Basin and Eye of the Storm where you capture bases, hunters should lay down traps around the flag to deter and slow the enemy. A well placed Ice Trap will freeze an enemy attacker in his place, giving the defending team time to regroup and take him down. It is also a good idea for hunters to place frost and ice traps in the tunnels and around the flags in Warsong Gulch, as this will slow down enemies.

Finally, we will discuss common strategies that a hunter can use when PvPing.

  • Kiting: Kiting is a technique used by all range/caster classes, but eems tohave been perfected by hunters. This technique includes firing at the enemy while moving backwards in a diagonal or so manner, keeping as much distance as possible. The main objective of this strategy is to not allow melee classes to get in range of the hunter, allowing the hunter to stay safe while dealing damage. If the melee class uses a charge or similar ability, a well timed disengage can give the hunter ample room to start kiting once more.
  • Sniping: Sniping is a technique that is really only effective when there is a large battle already occuring. As most players will be focused on the battle at hand, this allows hunters to sit back and deal damage from afar, without having to worry about the enemies attacking them. This is most effective when you use powerful shots such as Aim Shot and Chimera Shot, both of which deal incredible burst damage. This strategy is dangerous though as other range/caster classes will see the hunter and take it as an opportunity to go 1v1.

PvPing as a hunter is a very easy thing to learn, but difficult to master.The main objective for any hunter is to deal as much damage as possible, and this can be one of the most fun classes to play in regards to PvP. Thanks for reading!

Also, check out my youtube channel with some PvP and Dungeon footage from WoW!

And make sure you follow my Hubpages profile for new and upcoming hubs about World of Warcraft!

Hunter PVP Video


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