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World of Warcraft Alliance Vanity Pets - A Guide On Where To Find Them

Updated on May 10, 2011

This guide will tell you step-by-step where to find the NPC's that sell the Alliance Vanity companion pets. These vanity pets are BoE or Bind on Equip. There are two ways to obtain them: visit the auction house or find them on your own. If you don't want to pay high inflated auction house prices, here is your step-by-step guide on where to find the Alliance NPC's that sell them. These vanity pets are all obtainable on low level characters! (This guide does not tell you how to obtain non-combat pets from quests, cheeves, etc!) It takes some running around from place to place, but I will give you precise directions to each NPC.

Finding The Cats

Elwynn Forest is where you will find the cats Bombay, Cornish Rex, Orange Tabby, and Silver Tabby. You will want to start at Northshire, the starting place for humans. Northshire is North of Goldshire. If you are right outside Northshire facing Northshire, look to your left and there will be a house there with cats running around it. Inside this house you will find Donni Anthania the crazy cat lady, the NPC that sells these cats.

You will have a hard time finding Little Timmy, the NPC that sells the White Kitten. He roams Stormwind around the canals with a kitten following him looking for a home for his kitten. He spawns by the city guard, canal side of Cathedral Square, that is at the entrance to Stormwind from the docks. I have had great luck catching him at that spot right as soon as you can log on after the game does a rolling restart. If you don't catch him after a rolling restart at his spawn point you can catch him walking around the canals if he is spawned. I am not sure of the time between spawns. He walks along the canal to the bridge that crosses over to the Trade District. There he turns left and follows the canal to the bridge that crosses to Old Town. There he turns left again and follows the canal to the bridge that crosses over to the Dwarven District. He yet again turns left and follows the canal to the bridge that crosses over to Cathedral Square. Here he enters Cathedral Square, walks to his left around the orphan building and exits straight across the square from where he entered and heads back to the guard he spawned by. If I do not catch him after a rolling restart I follow his path backwards, sometimes catching him. I have also stood on the dock fishing by the fishing trainer outside the Trade District. Make sure you are facing Cathedral Square and if you stay there fishing long enough you will see Timmy across the canal starting on his trip around the canals. I have also found this little guy lots of times with no kitten to sell me because someone already found him. He has a limit of one kitten each spawn.

Frogs In Elwynn!!

Chasing Down Snowshoe The Rabbit

You will find the Snowshoe Rabbit in Dun Morogh. When you leave Ironforge head East until you come to Amberstill Ranch. As you approach the ranch you will see a little girl chasing a rabbit. This is Yarlyn Amberstill, the NPC that sells the showshoe rabbit. To buy one from her you have to catch her, and she is quick! She does slow down to a walk at times, making it easier to click on her. When I approach the ranch I stop a little way back and wait for her to run toward me. When she and the rabbit run toward me I am better able to right click on her. When you right click on her she stops, allowing you to go up to her and purchase a rabbit.

Where Are The Hawk And Great Horned Owls?

You will have to travel to Darnassus to find the Hawk Owl and the Great Horned Owl. The easiest way to find the NPC that sells the owls is to start at the bank in Darnassus. Head East as if you are leaving Darnassus to go to Teldrassil. As soon as you get to the bottom of the ramp leaving Darnassus turn to your right. You will see a giant tree and three NPC's standing there. The NPC that sells the Owls is the one with the two owls flying around behind her, Shylenai Owl Trainer.

Blue, White, or Yellow - Moths

From Darnassus take the flight path to the Exodar. This flight path lands inside the Exodar so you are almost there! From the flight path go right to the Crystal Hall. When you enter the Crystal Hall you will come to a glass or see through bridge. Before you get to this bridge go left and up the stairs you come to. Then go up the stairs to your right. You should see a female NPC standing at the top of these stairs with three moths flying around behind her. This is Sixx moth keeper, the NPC that sells the blue, white, and yellow moths.

If you take the boat to the Exodar, go in the back entrance to the Exodar and down the ramp. At the bottom of the ramp go left, down the stairs, and staight across the Vault of Lights room to the Crystal Hall. When you enter the Crystal Hall go up the stairs to your left and you will find Sixx.

What You Can Find In Stormwind

In Stormwind you will find Craggle Wobbletop roaming the canal road around the Trade District. He sells the same things Jepetto Joybuzz and his associate sell in Dalaran, the Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot (BoP), and the Toy Train Set (BoP). He shouldn't be too hard to find because he only goes back and forth following the canal road around the Trade District. You will see him pushing a cart in front of him loaded with goods.

Where Are The Rest Of The Vanity Pets?

There are more vanity pets out there in the World of Warcraft you can get. If you also want to own the Horde vanity pets there are several ways you can get them. You can visit the neutral auction house at Booty Bay in the Cape of Stranglethorn, Gadgetzan in Tanaris, or Everlook in Winterspring and buy them there. Or if you have a Horde toon, you can gather them up from the vendors and sell them to a friend through a neutral auction house or vise versa. You cannot sell from one of your characters to another on the same account. For some reason Blizzard does not allow this.

When you get your character to higher levels there are NPC's friendly to both Alliance and Horde that sell vanity companion pets, like the Calico Cat and Albino Snake. They are sold by a vendor in Outlands and a couple of vendors in Dalaran, a vendor in Booty Bay and a vendor in Thousand Needles.

Have fun in your journey to own these cute vanity pets!


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      Irena 5 years ago

      Great job with this i have found over 16 pages full of companions later