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Wrath of Heroes: Glowgob da Green

Updated on July 29, 2012


You're probably thinking, "oh look, another Elitist Jerks-wannabe" or something along those lines. No, I'm not doing this for sponsorship or revenue, as I have no tax information until later when I sign on. I'm doing this out of the kindness of my own wicked, blackened heart and to pull myself away from the game I've recently reviewed. Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes isn't the most fast-paced multiplayer game around, but that doesn't mean you won't die quickly. In this little article I plan to tell you what Glowgob da Green is, and why you should play him. I'll answer any questions you have regarding supportive, offensive and complexity capabilities, and if they're not already included in the article, ask me on the comments below and I'll get to you as quickly as possible.

Glowgob da Green is a Greenskin, as you might expect from a name like that. But is he an Orc, or a Goblin? He's a Goblin, and when you see him in-game you'll have to admit he's one of the best shaman around. He doesn't chew through Dwarves like Skarsnik nor does he have all that much cunning. He's your best chance at staying alive should you ever be surrounded by enemies. Glowgob is known mostly his huge amounts of healing dealt even with offensive spells, and your first choice for high heals in 20 second (max.) breaks. But rather than give you a rundown, let's have a look at what he can do, and why he does it.


Passive Ability

Here's something useful to know if you're team needs a Tank or second healer: Glowgob's healing is multiplied by however many Greenskins there are in the team! So you could have an Orc and another Goblin, meaning you've got a Tank (Bax Dreadtoof) and six percent more healing dealt! This may not seem like a lot, but the boon is always welcome whenever you're in tough scrapes! Also, Bax gains damage boosts for every Greenskin on the team, so having one more can do him some good too!

Life Leaka

Cooldown: None.

Life Leaka is Glowgob's main (and only) attack, which sends a green ball of Shamanic energies to the enemy, dealing 23-25 damage and healing for a 60+ if anyone (including you) is near the target! The healing however is divided out amongst players so if you and a friend are there, you'll probably get around 30 health restored each. Glowgob's offensive power is limited, but it's a great filler when you're waiting for cooldowns to end, so you can cast Look it's Mork! and Shroom Toss. If you purchase Glowgob da Green, you'll have access to his talent trees offering 30% extra healing and damage dealt with that ability. It's worth using if there's no other healers.

Shroom Toss

Cooldown: 5 Seconds

Shroom Toss is the first healing ability you'll get as Glowgob and the one you'll have to use the most. Glowgob throws a mushroom in the air and it explodes by itself, realeasing approx. 215 health to everyone in the vicinity. What players often think is that they're healed the moment the spell is cast, but it isn't - it heals when the mushroom explodes and the cloud sprays everywhere. Many players have died thinking that there's something wrong with the animation or they have lag, but it's because they run away and don't give the shroom time to explode. Shroom Toss can be upgraded in the talent trees to extend its range by 10 feet, which can be useful when allies aren't close enough to heal, and you need to use other means of healing those out of reach.

"Mushroom tossy time!" - Glowgob lobs a shroom in the air and is showered with fungal healing.
"Mushroom tossy time!" - Glowgob lobs a shroom in the air and is showered with fungal healing. | Source

'Ere we Go!

Cooldown: 10 Seconds

This isn't so much a healing spell as it is a buff. 'Ere we Go! channels energy from Glowgob to his teammates, meaning whenever allies do damage, they also get 6,7 or 8 extra points of damage dealt! The best combinations for this are for Felicia with her AoE damage to boost her damage up to 40-50 points per second, and Amenadresh's DoT damage. Allies need to be in proximity of Glowgob in order to gain the effects of the power, and it only lasts five seconds. A great way to get assists and perfect for holding out a few seconds longer!

Look it's Mork!

Cooldown: 20 Seconds

Look it's Mork is the second and final healing spell in Glowgob da Green's arsenal, which is another AoE healing spell but this time it's stationary. Glowgob lays down a totem which heals for around 48 damage per second up to 5 seconds. This shouldn't be used before using Shroom Toss, as it may be a waste and your other healing spell will be on cooldown more. It's mostly used for recovering health after a battle is finished, and a filler for what Shroom Toss doesn't heal afterwards. Look it's Mork! can be upgraded to heal for longer, or it can be swapped out for Look it's Gork! which deals 48 damage every second for five seconds against enemies nearby. Look it's Mork is in the form of a ragdoll-like totem, while the latter is a red cresent moon that blasts a red ring around, harming anyone standing inside it.

Mork's Touch

Cooldown: 30 Seconds

Mork's Touch is a "when all else fails" spell, as it shields Glowgob for 280 damage, or it will run out if not all that damage is absorbed. Glowgob's shield also does 28 damage per second to enemies that stand near the shield, making it deadly to melee attackers. In this shield, Glowgob can still heal allies and attack foes too, which is why the shield is on such a high cooldown. Commonly used to run away from enemies, it can also be helpful when you need to push your team through enemy ranks, as he is shielded and can heal himself at the same time.

"I'M STILL ALIVE! BRRR!" - Glowgob feels Mork's Touch, shielded from all kinds of damage.
"I'M STILL ALIVE! BRRR!" - Glowgob feels Mork's Touch, shielded from all kinds of damage.

Playing Glowgob da Green

Glowgob is primarily a healer, as he has the most healing capabilities on the shortest cooldowns. Having 4-5 Glowgobs in a team will annoy enemies, but fights will be too long and you won't remain invincible if two teams are against you. Glowgob can't survive all that well against 2-3 good players, meaning he's best protected by comrades with Silencing and heavy damage abilities. In a team of six, players should consider having around 2 Glowgobs, but one that has access to talent trees and masteries are recommended, due to having much better healing. To buy Glowgob is a risk though, as his talent trees may not be all that useful if you have other masteries that will help.

For the daring, Glowgob can be used to repel forces and push them back. A single Glowgob can run at an entire enemy team, pop his shield and make the greatest insult to any defender ever: Drop the Vision of Mork. To lay this healing totem down is like rolling a red carpet right into enermy turf, and when people see heals they scream. Your team should join you at this point and defend the totem, which acts as a flagpole for you to defend. When Shroom Toss is highly available, your team should have few problems repelling the defenders, and this has worked many times in Arena games.

I wouldn't recommend overloading on Glowgobs in maps such as Black Fire Pass or the Pyramid of Settra, as the former is too open and Gob can't get to allies, where as the latter is too narrow and he's easily trapped. In this situations, Glowgob players can crack under stress but in narrow spaces, careful use if Life Leaka, Shielding and his totem (Look it's Mork!) will help greatly with a team backing him up. Glowgob works best in Arena and Mourkain Temple when he is near allies, not in open spaces where he can be alone and silenced by a rogue Archivist.

Should you buy Glowgob da Green?

With healing in many games being a stressful and thankless job, you may be put off by the idea of AoE healing and its importance. But even a traumatized healer such as myself after years of abuse on WoW still gets enjoyment from doing the team score-saving favours. If you plan on getting the Starter Pack with Ikkrik Poisonclaw and Felicia, Glowgob comes with it (as well as a 7-day XP and Gold boost). Healers aren't a common sight when they're free, so be sure to have him ready. If healing isn't your thing even when times are dire, I wouldn't recommend it as he sees little kill streaks and mostly healing rather than damage. If you don't mind helping others reach the top of the world, I would recommend Glowgob as he fixes the rungs on the ladder taking them there. You don't need to worry about being called a "n00b healer" and such, because in the end you're immortal and they're not.

In the end, they need you, not vice versa. Thanks for reading, and if you have anything else to add, please do! Help promote this underpopulated game, and raise awareness of Heroes like this! Have a pleasant day! WAAARGH!


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  • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

    John Roberts 5 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

    Cor, nice one Arioch! I'll have to find you at some point in the game and do some Warbands together! What characters are you currently playing? Lucien, no doubt, but have you considered any other Heroes yet? ^^

  • Arioch profile image

    Gordon D Easingwood 5 years ago from Wakefield, United Kingdom

    Just started playing this game myself and have to say its pretty good if a little basic but thats all part of its charm.

  • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

    John Roberts 5 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

    My pleasure Morgaren! It's currently in Open BETA, and the guys down at are doing their best to promote the game and get people populating the servers. Anything you say or do about the game contributes to its future, hence why I play it so much! I'll be writing more character guides and I've done a review on the game already. If you want to request any character reviews like this, please do - it'll give me something to do. And if you want someone to join a Warband, lemme know ^^

  • Morgaren profile image

    Tim 5 years ago from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

    Holy freaking gazeebo monkeys, I did not realize this game was already out. I have been anticipating this game so much that I had to make myself quit following it. Downloading now, thanks John, you may have just caused me to miss enough work to get fired.