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XBOX ONE Fallout 4 MOD Smuggler's Secret Hints on Finding Some Fragments

Updated on December 26, 2016

Fallout 4 Mod Smuggler's Secret

I am only offering a hard way to find the fragments hint.
I am only offering a hard way to find the fragments hint. | Source

I am not telling you how to find the fragments. I am only giving some hints.

This is how to do it the hard way. So, if you have a simple way: do that.

Why Am I Writing This? To help people get all the fragments of the Maze.

There are people that have played this game several times. They still do not have all the fragments.

This Could Help

This mod has been out for some time. And, I noticed that there was some bottles and other things near the start of the maze. This is the key to moving around the maze.

After, killing the first group of enemies inside the cave go to the maze part. Once it is found you can go to the boat outside and find the suit. This will help you swim.

Yes, there will be swimming. But, Don't Put On The Suit Unless You Are In The Water.

Try to get some underwater perks. You will be underwater for sometime.

You will need the highest level of weapons and armor you have on in the maze. Tell the dog or whoever to stay at the start of the tunnel.

I am going to go slow so you do not get confused. Collect as many of the same kind of things from the crates at the start.

You will be faced with going left and right in the tunnel. Pick left or right. Put something in each location. You might even have to take notes on what you placed where and when.

Put this off to the side so that you do not kick them.

Left = Bottle or something

Right = Something else.

There are places where there will be three choices.

You will be attacked. So, go slow. There are a lot of tunnels and it is easy to get confused.

Keep coming back to collect more stuff. If you run out you will have to find simular products at your settlements. The Scavengers sometimes collect the same items. If you have the Cheat

Mod you can just give yourself more colorful things to put in the maze.

Check: All dead enemies. And, look at all large rocks.

This is the slow way to find the fragments. But, if you have spent hours in the maze this might be something to try.


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