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Xau's HD Texture Pack MC Patcher Update

Updated on April 27, 2011
For more Minecraft HD texture fixes, visit:
For more Minecraft HD texture fixes, visit: | Source

Are you experiencing the following problems when you install an HD texture pack?

  • Black Screen
  • Crashing
  • Being Unable To Place Blocks
  • General Shenanigans

Since Minecraft time immemorial, Xau's MC Patcher has been the standard way to install HD texture packs. In the past, HD texture packs were fairly broken at 32 x 32 resolution and completely off the wall batty when you went any higher in resolution. Black screens, portals and fire on bricks and crashes used to be the order of the day back in those dark times. But all that changed when Xau's MC Patcher tamed HD textures and minecraft installs to the good and the righteous and all was well with the world.

Then the 1.5 update came out and all heck broke loose once more. You see, although the MC Patcher program was only ever updated to 1.3, it still worked with 1.4 (by and large). It did not however, work with 1.5 at all. 1.5 is a completely different beast that incorporates elements like weather and statistics, and installing an HD texture pack with the 1.3 version means that 1.5 will crash whenever you do anything more than sight-see in any of your worlds.

Fortunately, there is a beta version of Xau's MC Patcher, quite clearly marked in the original thread (which has now been locked due to the amazing numbers of people who refuse to read threads before posting to them.) The beta version isn't just a fix to make the MC Patcher work with 1.5, it's actually a significant upgrade in HD texture pack patching technology.

When you first run the new beta you might be confused for a moment or three because there is no place to input the texture pack you want to use. That's because you no longer need to patch a specific texture pack. All you need to do is patch your install and you'll be able to add HD texture packs to the texture pack folder, just like you do with the default 16 x 16 style texture packs. It's a one click patching machine that makes it possible to switch between different texture packs and different resolutions as easy as pie. It's a thing of beauty and wonderful convenience and we should all give thanks.

So if you're having problems with HD texture packs with Minecraft 1.5, be sure to give the beta MC Patcher a whirl. You'll be surprised at the difference it makes.

Download MC Patcher Beta


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