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Xbox 360 Towel Trick red ring fix does it work?

Updated on November 22, 2010

xbox 360 the dreaded 3 flashing red rings

Xbox 360 Towel trick red ring fix does it work FACT OR FICTION?

At one point or another all 360 owners will most likely come across the 3 flashing red rings. This means that there is an internal issue that prompts this and the 360 is unplayable. Gamers have been plagued by this since the console release in 2005. Microsoft has never fixed the problem but the red rings are covered under warranty and can be sent in. Any attempt to fix the console by taking it apart yourself will void the warranty, however there is something you can do.

You may or may not heard of the Xbox 360 towel trick. It is said if you wrap the console in towels the dreaded 3 red rings of death will be fixed. Is this FACT or is it FICTION? Well, the answer is it can work, but is not guaranteed. The matter of this is that even if it does work it is only a "temporary" fix and is not a "permanent" fix. This is not an answer to getting it replaced or getting a refurbished xbox. It merely will extend the play of your 360, but for an unknown period of time. This will vary from console to console.

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Xbox 360 Towel Trick red ring fix does it work (Perfecting Towel Trick)

When doing the towel trick, it is recommended that you use 3 towels. Do not use one big thick towel, because this is only one layer you are going to want to make the 360 HOT. Not to say it will not work, but for the most part, 3 medium sized towels are best for doing this. Put it this way, if you are outside in the winter you dress in small layers to keep warm instead of wearing one big thick coat. The same apply here.

1.Lay your xbox 360 down on a flat surface and turn on

2.Unplug AV cables and Ethernet cable(do not unplug power obviously)

3.Wrap 3 towels around it.

4.Wait 25 minutes

5.Unwrap towels and turn off xbox 360 let it cool for 15-20 minutes

6.Replug previous cables(AV Cables and ethernet)

7.Turn on and it pray it works

Use CAUTION when performing the towel trick, because it may cause a fire, so do it at your own risk. A way to help prevent this is make sure the xbox 360 is on a flat solid surface not a carpet or anything flammable.

Be sure when you are putting on the towels they are on it well. Do not just throw them on quickly cause this may not work if you don't do it right. I myself have done the towel trick and the first time it did not work. When you lay down the 360 as shown above. Wrap the sides of the towel in and then fold the top in. Make SURE that the power cord is covered as good as possible. We are trying to make heat here and do not want to allow the 360s fan air to come out this way. So when your are doing the other 2 towels do the same and wrap accordingly all around to make sure it will get plenty hot.

Xbox 360 Towel Trick red ring fix does it work REMEMBER NO GUARANTEE

  Keep in mind that this is not 100% method to make sure this will work. You may do this and find out that you still have the red rings when you turn it back on. If it does not work you can try again. Perhaps you did not get it hot enough. Do not be impatient make sure it is 25 minutes and the towels are on good when warming it up.

  So how long will it last if it does work? It will be a variable amount of time. It may work a few hours, days, or a week at most. If it does stop working again you can perform this action again but remember eventually you will have to send it in to Microsoft for a permanent fix. The simple answer to xbox 360 towel trick does it work? Plausible. It may or may not work depending on your console. Just remember to use caution when doing this.

Signs of failure after "Towel Trick"

If you find that this trick does work for you it will not last. Some signs is that when you play again it will freeze. It may turn pix elated and make a static sound. You can also simply be on the dashboard and it will freeze. These are all common signs that your 360 will soon be getting the 3 red rings again. Just watch for these cause they will happen again since this is a temporary fix. Another issue that may occur is that the TV simply goes black, If you are playing a game or even the dashboard it will most likely do these signs within 5 minutes and then like I said it will come back.

So why does the 3 red rings have to be a problem for so long? Why has Microsoft not fixed this? The answer plainly is that nobody knows. I hope this article provides some insight on helping you get some more play out of your xbox 360. No guarantees, but its worth a try.


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    • AshlyChristen profile image

      Ashly Christen 2 years ago from Illinois


    • profile image

      OMAR 5 years ago


    • profile image

      jay 6 years ago

      i wrapped mine in one fairly large towel for 90mins and i heard the power drop, i reset the system and it now works fine

    • profile image

      ben 6 years ago

      You are all idiots i just have the black bvox slim cause it doesn't do that theres no point in doing thiss its a hazard and its only tempory

    • profile image

      Mod 6 years ago

      Who is gonna send you a rrod xbox for free when they can just have it fixed, and a bigger fan installed for $50.... I have 3 xbox 360s and my 2 elites got rrod long ago I had them repaired and a larger fan installed and they don't even get hot at all but are noisy but who cares just turn up the volume.... and I put an air conditioning fan on my xbox slim facing the front of the unit slightly facing up to blow hot air away from the units exaust, it keeps the unit IMO 75% cooler and I'm sure it will increase the life span of my slim ; )

    • profile image

      HTT 6 years ago

      Hi can someone send me xbox 360 with rrod for free ?


    • profile image

      jimstarooney 6 years ago

      a lot of people saying this does not work i know it works but it is temporary you have to keep the xbox on until it stops making that horrible whirring noise took me 2 hrs the 1st time when it has stopped making the whirring noise that means it has re-set itself leave it near a window for an hour to cool down then put it on should work mine worked for 3 months before i had to do it again,

    • profile image

      Ben 6 years ago

      Slim sucks, no internal HD. The towel trick does work sometimes, just not 100%, like the man said...

    • profile image

      1997e 6 years ago

      get a new one

    • profile image

      Justin 6 years ago

      My xbox 360 slim turn on then goes to the red dot of death and the vent stops moving and I need help.

    • profile image

      1997e 6 years ago

      If you get the red ring of death don't try to fix it just throw it out your window and get the Xbox slim.and don't say its just wasting money Xbox slim is better then the original Xbox 360

    • profile image

      Xbox360reviews 6 years ago

      There are several how to guides on repairing this problem easily.

    • profile image

      1997e 6 years ago

      DO NOT TRY THIS IT WON'T WORK!I did it and it started on fire and burn down my house.

    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 7 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      This trick does not always work, it depends on how badly your xbox is broken.

      Make sure the towels are relatively tight though. Your basically tricking the system into thinking it can work again.

    • profile image

      Natevius Bryant 7 years ago

      My xbox 360 will not will not work it keep doing the 3 red rings. I tried wraping it up in 2 towels for 45 minutes but it didn't work then I let it cool off for 10 minutes I turn it on it didn't work. please help me!!!!!