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Replacement Lost Wireless Headset Charger for Xbox 360

Updated on May 29, 2013

The charger is for the Xbox 360 Wireless Headset

The Xbox 360 Wireless Headset - this is what you should be wanting to charge but you want a new charger for it.
The Xbox 360 Wireless Headset - this is what you should be wanting to charge but you want a new charger for it.

Xbox 360 Wireless Headset Charger

Recently I was looking for my xbox 360 wireless headset charger and then could not find it! This lead to lots of frustration and I began searching for a solution and in this hubpage I will try to help you solve this problem. You are probably here as you lost your xbox wireless headset charger and you have the headset but it won't charge. If you are then good, or you may be looking for a spare headset charger so if you do ever find your wireless headset charger breaks or is broken or is lost you will have a spare. Otherwise I will presume you somehow found this page while browsing the web.

Anyway, it was not as easy as I thought it would be when I started searching online about what I could do, and if I could buy a charger for my xbox 360 wireless headset, so I am writing this to help others in this situation. If you know someone who is looking for this information please share this with them whether by email, word of mouth or social networks so they can use this information and save lots of hassle. The good news is that I did find some solutions and you will find them below!

What this charging cable for the wireless headset looks like
What this charging cable for the wireless headset looks like | Source

Solution 1) Buy this Charging Cable

USB Charging Cable for XBOX 360 Wireless Headset

This is the solution I would recommend to everybody as it works perfectly. Click the link above and your problem should be solved. It is a charging cable that works with the xbox 360 wireless headset. It does nothing more, and nothing less and that is all you want. Please note this is just a usb cable one one end while the other end fits snugly inside the wireless headset and it is not an official Microsoft product but works perfectly.

I recommend this solution as it involves the least hassle, cost and just works fine. The product is rated 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon by the 1 reviewer.

This is what they said:

"This product did exactly what it was supposed to, charges my wireless headset. No connection problems, fits snug, and works correctly. As an extremely avid gamer I'd recommend this charging wire to anybody."

The Best Charging Stand for the Xbox 360  Charges your Wireless Headset and 2 Wireless Controllers Simultaneously!
The Best Charging Stand for the Xbox 360 Charges your Wireless Headset and 2 Wireless Controllers Simultaneously! | Source

Solution 2) This Charging Kit for Controllers and the Wireless Headset

If you are always finding your controllers are always running out of battery or you dislike the play and charge kit and you want to charge your wireless headset too, this is a brilliant piece of equipment and you will be glad you bought this.

This Charging System Charges Xbox 360 Wireless Controller and also the Xbox 360 Wireless Headset at the same time and is the best charging stand for the Xbox 360!

Customers love it too saying it charges controllers quickly (less than 3 hours for a full charge!), charges the wireless headset too and looks great too!

What Alex said on

"I have had 2 plug in play charger batteries die. The controllers would still work, as long as they were plugged into the xbox. I have 3 plug n play charge cables, and 2 xboxs. The problem exists on em all, so I know the problem was in the batteries. After one charge on this my batteries will hold a full charge again!!! Just got this yesterday, if it turns out I made this review early I will edit this post. But as of 24 hours after receiving this I couldn't be happier. Plus I like star trek and this thing looks like it could go warp 11. HAHA (yeah I know, physically impossible. Way to ruin a great joke!!!)"

Solution 3) Try calling Microsoft

You can also try ringing up Microsoft and explaining the situation and you MIGHT be able to get them to send you a charger or even a brand new headset if you say it is not working and you bought the headset recently.

The US number to call is 1-800-469-9269

The UK number to call is 0800 587 1102

Try to be nice and you might be able to get help.

Solution 4) Try and Make Your Own

I have no idea how to do this as I do not know but all you have to do is a USB on one end (should be easy!) and then find the correct circle size on the other end so it fits snugly!

Disclaimer: I am not legally responsible for any damages you case while trying to make your own xbox 360 wireless headset charger! I also don't want any comments asking for help with this - I do not know!

Solution 5) Buy a New Headset and Sell the Old One

Not really a solution but you could always buy a new headset with a new warranty and most importantly a charger and you could then either sell the new one or old one to try and get some money back!

Solution 6) Check out what other people said

Just doing a quick Google search I found a few forums and posts about buying a replacement charger for the xbox wireless headset and some people had some other recommendations -  you should find something helpful!

Here are a couple of sites I found that may be helpful:


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    • ns1209 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from UK - England

      Glad you found it helpful!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This website was very helpful!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!


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