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Xbox 360 fix... The truth is out there

Updated on June 19, 2011

Could you be your own Xbox expert? Yes!

Right now, there are literally thousands of articles posted on the internet regarding the Xbox 360 3 Red Right error. Because I experienced the rrod myself, I have read plenty of them. Everyone’s first thought is to research what is causing the error or look for Xbox repair suggestions on whatever search engine they prefer. I notice a lot of gamers looking for the Xbox support phone number as well.

By now, most know that a common cause of this kind of error is overheating, but it can be caused by different things as well and you may need something more serious fixed, or maybe a new mod chip is in order. Whatever problem has caused your Xbox to burn you, your options are to be burned further, OR purchase an Xbox 360 fix.

Calling Microsoft is an option of course, and comes with pros and cons. If you don’t mind waiting several weeks (and have extra cash just lying around) your Xbox will get fixed by an expert. But who is to say you can’t be your own Xbox repair expert? I mean, what really constitutes being an “expert”?

The Xbox 360 Repair Guide Reviews site that I finally made my way to turned me into an Xbox fixer. The step by step instructions were easy to follow and in terms easily deciphered by even the least technical individual. So, if you had the bad luck that comes with, let’s say a vast majority of Xbox 360 owners, click here. Microsoft has enough money already.

RRoD The Infamous Red Ring of Death

Fix your Xbox by yourself? YES YOU CAN!


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