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Xbox 360 not reading disc

Updated on July 31, 2013

Xbox 360 disc cleaning equipment

  • Glass cleaner.
  • Cotton buds.
  • Paper clip (optional).
  • Scissors (optional).
  • T8.
  • T10.

Xbox 360 plates

Firstly you need to unplug everything from the Xbox 360 and I mean everything. Firstly you need to remove the face plate, this can be done by pushing in the wired controller section with your finger and pulling the plate off. It will feel hard but don't worry you won't break anything. Now you have the two grey parts on the top and bottom of the Xbox 360. In order to complete this you will need an Xbox 360 opening kit which can be purchased from amazon, this includes the T10 and T8.

Removing Xbox 360 parts

Using the T8 you can push in the slots pictured to the right in order to remove the plate. You can judge were to push by the dark grey parts you can see through the hole. If you have pushed in the right position the plate will start lifting. There are 3 slots on both sides and same on the bottom as well. After removing these plates place the Xbox 360 back on it's side.

Xbox 360 top cover

You shouldn't go past this stage if your Xbox 360 is still under warranty, you will need to remove the green sticker which states if broken the warranty is void. Now I find this easier with scissors as pictured in the first picture above. This is to open the locks but without allowing them to slip back into the place, the T8 can be used here but I found it much harder.

Next you will want to turn the Xbox round to were the power and HD cable plugs in. Now using either the T8 or a stretched out paper clip you can push in the slots shown in the pictures above. When you push in these slots you will need to use a lot of force and you should hear a loud click. You should note that even hearing the click doesn't mean you have pushed hard enough. The case itself should start to lift up if you are pushing it in correctly, as seen by the last two pictures above.

Xbox 360 cover screws

There are 6 screws here that need to be removed, don't worry if you accidentally rake out the wrong one as you can just put it straight back in. The screws you remove will be long.

Xbox 360 removing back cover

Once you have unscrewed all 6 screws you need to turn over the Xbox 360 to remove the back cover, in order to do this you must place you hand on the silver part so nothing falls out. Then you can remove the back cover easily by just lifting it up. You should probably now remove the Xbox 360 disc eject button which peels off pretty easily with little effort.

Inside Xbox 360

Your Xbox 360 should look something like the picture on the right, at this point you should blow as much dust as you can so that when you put it back together it produces less noise. The part you want to fix is the CD drive so you need to remove this, you can lift it out after pulling the two wires out of the back. When pulling out the wires you should makes sure not to pull on the wires themselves.

Cleaning Xbox 360 disc reader

Once you get the CD drive out of the Xbox 360 you will need to unscrew the 4 screws on the sides. There will be another warranty sticker on the side that you need to remove, you can then remove one side remembering to keep the black legs facing upwards Again blow out as much dust as you can and then turn over and remove other side. You can see were the disc goes on this side and small circle glass located near the middle. Now you need a cotton bud and some glass cleaner, spray one side of the cotton bud and lightly clean the glass. Then using the dry side clean of any remaining liquid. You can then follow these steps backwards to put the Xbox 360 back together.


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