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Xbox One Games We Would Like To See

Updated on April 13, 2014

The Games We Want To See

The xbox one has been in my life now for around 5 months and I am still loving every minute of it, even if I am slightly left wanting for a really good game, Sure I love Fifa 14 and Cod Ghosts is good to and I am loving the graphical capability's of Forza motorsport 5 but I am lacking from a really good game, One that blows my socks off.

Fifa 14 had new replays and crowd rendering that was impressive but no new gameplay, Ghosts was good but had just been tarted up graphically and forza 5 looks great but with still no market to speak of as of yet, it has does have that feeling of being rushed out for the new console launch.

I'm going to explore and talk about some of the games that I and other gamers are hoping are going to come to xbox one, as well as mentioning the games we know are coming and what we expect of them.

I believe that I will mention pretty much every game that is a must for gamers although if I do miss anything blindly obvious then please feel free to mention it in the comment section.

Sports Games

Ok so we have already had quite a few sports games released already, Fifa 14 being the stand out one, But these have all been made ready for when the console came out, I feel that the next versions such as fifa 15 will be made much better as they can concentrate specifically on getting the game ready as apose to making the game quickly for the console launch.

Fifa 15 is the obvious one as I said but you also have UFC coming out in June which looking at the trailers looks glorious ( see Below) and Im Hoping that is going to be a yearly franchise, Im fairly sure that at some point there will be a fight night boxing game released too which would be pretty awesome.

It is too a certainty that there will be another olympics game shortly before they kick off in brazil and that is something that with the power of Xbox one could be pretty spectacular.



Role playing games are some of my favourite games just down to the fact you get to make conscious decisions over what your character does and how you interact with the game plus the sheer scale of some of these games is immense. My favourites have been oblivion and skyrim as well as the more linear fable series.

My all time favourite is Fallout 3 and fallout new Vegas, I would absolutely love to see a fallout 4 on Xbox one with a whole new engine. It would be nothing short of spectacular I'm sure, It is quite a long shot though as there has been no news whatsoever on the fallout front.

There is however Elder scrolls online due out in a few months on xbox one which looks really good, the only real issue and stumbling block is the subscription fee which is becoming more common for these huge games.

Kingdom come: deliverance is a big rpg that from the early reports and videos (See below) looks very promising and one that us rpg gamers should definitely keep our eyes on.

Fable Legends is also keeping me waiting in anticipation, however there is no real gameplay footage as of yet and that is what I'm really waiting for, The trailer does enough to whet my appetite but I need more info on that game before I spend my hard earned money.

Star wars is always a good rpg to make everyone sit up and take notice although this is probably less likely than Fallout. I used to love the KOTOR series on the original xbox and if they ever decide to make KOTOR 3 I will probably have a heart attack from the excitement. A great series of games and on xbox one it could be something special.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Driving Games

We all love a good driving game and while Microsoft had Forza Motorsport 5 for everyone to drool at when the console launched it isnt quite as good as it possibly could be. Turn 10 still havent got the marketplace up and running after what has been months, possibly waiting for the eastern release. And it just doesnt have the same kind of expanse we saw from Forza 4.Lets just hope that forza motorsport 6 gives us the real driving simulator experience we all crave.

The Crew is one racing game that is looking good, With a mix between forza 5, need for speed, and GTA 5 it is starting to take shape for a winter release, You basically have a garage and some mates and you buy and build better and better cars of various types for various races and missions across a vast expanse of north America. (Trailer Below) The map looks truly huge and we are being told that it could take 2 hours to drive from one side to the other, Good in one aspect as it will take weeks to explore but bad if your mate happens to be on the other side of it.

A formula one style racing game with the new consoles power could be something of beauty however I haven't seen or heard anything in the pipeline which is a shame.

The Crew

Action Adventure

So far on xbox one we have had the Tomb Raider game which was revamped for the new console and did look very pretty, we have also had Dead rising 3 which was very good fun and was great with the amount of zombies on screen at one time but lacked real gameplay depth.

What we are now waiting for is Watchdogs ( See below ), The Division and the new Batman game to name 3, These games are set to show what the xbox one can really do and I'm not sure what I'm more excited by. Watchdogs is a very good concept and idea and if the game stands up I feel it could win game of the year. The idea that you can creep into your mates game unnoticed and cause havoc is brilliant and could work really well.

Less is know about The Division except it looks beautiful and it should when using the new snowdrop engine, Just take a look at it on you-tube, Stunning. I love post apocalyptic thriller games and this looks set to stun with its beautiful yet chaotic backdrops.

All we have of the new Batman game is a stunningly recreated cinematic trailer which my nephew walked in on half way through and said " Is that Tom Hardy in this one" Thinking it was a new film. Needless to say he was left open mouthed when hearing it was a new game. We don't know much about it really except to base it on previous Batman games which have all been of a high standard.



There no doubt some great games that I'm missing and if you have any favourites you have heard about then by all means let me know in the comments section and then I can add them at a later date or create a second hub. What is coming up which is going to be very exciting for a lot of gamers is the E3 show which should be held in June, I will create another hub based around the E3 show after it has happened. Thanks for reading about these great games and please leave a comment.


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