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YogBox Minecraft Mod Compilation (1.7 Compatible)

Updated on July 10, 2011

YogBox, the famous mod compilation from the brave souls that brought you the Yogscast is back and updated for Minecraft 1.7.3. This is good news for those of us who have been fiending for a YogBox update, and there are some surprises in this version that weren't included in the last compilation. That's what progress looks like, folks.

Please note that this version of YogBox is not the same as the version I talked about in my previous YogBox article. I repeat, this is effectively a different collection of mods. The most glaring omission from the 1.7.3 version is Millenaire, which has not been updated to 1.7.3 at time of writing and that's probably why its no longer included in the YogBox.

The good news is that the popular Baby Animals and Mo'Creatures from Coacavalley and DrZhark respectively are still in the game, so your dreams of finding a flying Pegasus have not yet been dashed entirely. The airship mod is also included so it is still possible to build and fly your own fantastic flying machine.

So let's look at what is new and exciting in the 1.7.3 compatible version of YogBox

A feature that I believe was in the 1.6 version, but I didn't pay much attention to, is the ability to craft boots from slime balls. You might think you need all your slime balls for pistons now, but slime boots double your jump height (wheee!) and also reduce the damage you take from falls. That's pretty handy.

New in the latest YogBox release is rope, which is a contribution from modder HogofWar and allows you to climb with rope. Ropes attached to ceilings will fall until they hit a solid surface, and rope can also be cut to length with a sword. Handy. Also in HogofWar's contribution are bone torches. Bone torches burn brighter than normal torches, which is a definite bonus.

The YogBox now comes with an uninstaller, which is useful as uninstalling mods usually involves downloading entirely fresh .bin files, ecetera. That will no longer be necessary, as long as you can remember where you put the YogBox folder, (I suggest leaving it in your downloads with all the other rubbish you yank off the Internet every day. That's how I do it, and I'm a multi-millionaire now.)

Like last time, the YogBox comes with its own handy installer, you can choose whether or not you want Mo'Creatures, Baby Animals and Sky Pirates. (I have rather a love / hate relationship with Sky Pirates myself. On the one hand, it does add a bit of an adrenaline rush to have to dodge arrows that fall from the sky intermittently. On the other hand, you have to dodge arrows that fall from the sky intermittently. You can also choose whether or not you want Somnia (advanced sleep options) and a couple of other tweaks.

Download YogBox for 1.7.3


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