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YogBox Minecraft Mod Compilation

Updated on June 29, 2011

The Yogscast is one of the most famous (and infamous) Minecraft Let's Plays out there. It's safe to say that the Yogscast has transformed the face of Minecraft on more than one occasion and now you too can get Yoggy with it by installing the YogBox Minecraft Mod Compilation, which takes elements from the most popular Minecraft mods and slams them together in one easy to install creamy sandwich of goodness.

The YogBox takes elements from existing mods including:

Mo'Creatures (A mod that adds a whole host of new creatures to your Minecraft world, including rideable horses, bunnies and other less friendly creatures.)

Piston Mod (The piston mod that will be included in Minecraft Beta 1.7 can be had now!)

Millenaire (NPC Village mod that adds villages of semi sentient NPC's to your world.)

Planes Mod (Planes should be self explanatory.)

And many more... (Just click on any of the links above to check out what those mods are all about. I have reviewed them using my trusty eyes and digits for your convenience.)

Why download the YogBox and not just install all these mods on your own? Well for one, downloading the YogBox is going to save you a lot of time installing. It has an installation GUI that leads you through the installation process and even lets you choose what tweaks you want to install. Two to three clicks and you're done!

There's also a texture pack (a customized version of Painterly) designed to work with the YogBox, which is nice. It's installed automatically when you install the mod so all you need to do is go to your texture pack folder and select it. Basically this mod compilation does everything for you besides come to your house and hold your hand.

Playing the YogBox

The first thing you'll notice when you play the YogBox is that you have a bunch more options and doodads than usual. Your inventory comes packed with wooden tools and a recipe book. That's right, a book that when used displays the various recipes used in the game. Clicking on it turns the pages and shows you new recipes.

Instead of having a full compliment of ten hearts, you start out with five. It is your mission to strengthen yourself and find new pieces of heart. Rather like Zelda – but without never ending rupee jars. There's also a scoring system that's probably worth looking into. At this point all I can tell you is that hitting a chicken and taking the feathers gives you a -5 penalty.

The lumberjack mod option is also available, which means knocking out one part of a tree trunk causes all the wood to fall. Handy!

Because Millenaire is loaded, there are villages to explore and trade with. This alone is going to be a significant improvement for many vanilla minecrafters. Also immediately obvious are the plethora of new creatures, including tiny deer, aw tiny deer!

That probably sounds like a lot already, but there's much, much more to be discovered, including sky pirates and lions and bears oh my!

Le Conclusion Inevitable

I highly recommend this download for anyone who wants to try out a bunch of mods and approach Minecraft from a new angle, but is afraid of the modding process. The YogBox installer makes the modding process pretty much idiot proof.

Download the YogBox Minecraft Mod Compilation


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