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Yomi's thoughts on EA's 2017 E3 Conference.

Updated on June 17, 2017

Initially I was thinking of only recording a podcast for this, but I figured on writing a blog to see if one I can convey my opinion coherently in text, and two to see if people agree or disagree with my sentiments. Well since this is EA I'm talking about, I think many might agree when I say:"It was boring." Though who am I kidding, I'm not part of EA's demographic, or rather I'm not part of their main demographic. Plus the show is mainly for their investors, so I guess it can't be helped. But that won't save it from my criticisms, so let's get into it!


The conference started with a showcasing of Madden2k18. A Madden showing, like every year. Except this year it's got a story mode called "Longshot." Now, I wrote in my notes that "it might be a step in the right direction." This is because all Madden seems to get every year in a change in control schemes and roster change. So you'd think after twenty eight years, EA would find a new way to spice things up and get fans excited about the game. And so far, it seems they've done just that. So while I may not be excited for Madden2k18, surely Longshot might get long time fans invested.

Next was Battlefield1, which is another game I'm not excited for. Historical fiction games don't interest me unlike there's some sic-fi or fantasy elements involved. But again, if the fans are invested and excited that's all that matters. Especially since the presenters tried to make it look good and establish some hype.

Then came something that infuriated me. And that was EA holding e-sports competitions with their EA sports titles. Why does this infuriate me? Well for over thirty years or so, gamers had to put up with being mocked for being inactive shut-ins. How ironic that sports fans might run the risk of becoming the same thing by participating in something they can physically play. That might just be my preference though. I much rather play these sports competitively than through EA games.

And then what followed was the typical Fifa trailer, followed by a skit calf "Guys In Blazers..." This was bone dry as far as humor goes, but was done to present more Fifa and it's uber realistic motion and look. Oh and to p;rest a story mode revolving around Alex Hunter... Again, a step in the right direction, but it holds no interest for me.

I'm now starting to question my life choices, because I've been watching EA's conferences since 2015, and they bore me every year! Why do I torture myself so much?!

Regardless, what followed was the introduction to Need For Speed:Payback. I don't know why they'd call it that. And what they showed felt more like Fast And The Furious to me. Mainly because they were trying to steal a car carried by a cargo truck. Admittedly I liked the look of it, but I don't think what I saw was enough to get me hooked completely.

Next was EA originals, which involves new idea by EA developers. This lead to the presenting of a prison heist co-op game called "No Way Out." It seems to b a tale of revenge for two convicts, but the selling point seem s to be the mandatory split-screen co-op play. Which is fine, except for those who prefer single-player mode. I'm honestly hoping this game does well so EA could diversify the games they publish. I might be too optimistic since EA has a habit of ruining anything that isn't a sport. I can think of a few exceptions like the DefJam fighting games, and Harry Potter games. But outside of that, they ruined Ultima, Dungeon Keeper, and Mass Effect from what I've seen, so they might ruin A Way Out and other EA "originals." Many grubbing does that to art.

Next they talked about how Madden would look on Microsoft's "Project Scorpio," before announcing Bioware's new IP. And this new IP is called... Anthem? What's Anthem? Well when I watched the conference, I had no idea at the time of watching the conference. And honestly a trailer with a few clips, blaring trumpets, and phrases like "this is only the beginning," isn't enough to get me excited. Not anymore, especially since companies make trailers like that, EVERY FLIPPING YEAR!!!!

Next was NBA2K18's story mode called "The One," which again is a step in the right direction, and I just noticed that I'm repeating myself. Though I almost forgot how "The One" is basically a dressed up "career mode." So I might have to take back what I said about "it being a step in the right direction." Because the EA boxing games have a career mode, and for NBAk2 and Madden2k games to not have a "career mode" in the last decade seems dumb to me.

Following that was thirty minutes of Star Wars content, which was fine, but got stale when they showed of the Multiplayer for BattleFront II. But let me back up, because they started with a Tweet from John Boyea complaining about the lack of single player campaign in the first Battlefront via twitter... Which is hilarious because at last year's conference, EA said they had more content on the way for Battlefront, and obviously none of that involved single player campaigns. Nah, why do that for Battlefront when they can make it the selling point of the sequel? EA in my humble opinion should get the golden poo award for this business decision alone. And mind you, I'm a casual Star Wars fan, this shouldn't anger me that much. But rom a business point, it ruffles my feathers something fierce.

But I digress as the Story mode in Battlefront two will bridge the gap between Return Of The Jedi and Force Awakens. Which is nice, but why can't we get an animated series for that, like Clone Wars and Rebels? Oh well, I'll take what I can get, besides the animated series might come later. One can hope. From there they showed the development and beta-testing for the game, which was nice, but like everyone else I just wanted to see gameplay. bUT this was to show investors what this was and how it was gonna make money. EA proceeded to tease us with single player storm trooper, clone army, battle droid, and Jedi/Sith lightsaber footage. I will give EA credit, this did look good, and got me excited. They also showed x-wings escorting the Millennium Falcon. Then they showed off iJustine, Shout-caster: Alex Mendez(don't know him) and DICE developer Paul Teselen played through the Battlefront II DLC: "Assault On Theed." This got boring about ten minutes in. But after that bit of tedium, they showed off Star Wars Galaxy Heroes for the mobile phone.


In Conclusion...

I'm not gonna be redundant in this conclusion about EA's conference, but we'll see the results of their efforts throughout the year. Because at the end of the day, them making money on their properties is what matters.

EA E3 Highlights

2 stars for EA's E3 Conference


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