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Yoshi's Island DS review a fairly fun game for the DS, sucks on the Wii U

Updated on June 17, 2017

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It kind of shows my feelings towards the way the game handles on the Wii U virtual console.
It kind of shows my feelings towards the way the game handles on the Wii U virtual console.

Note the youtube video was created using my actual game play using a capture card. All pictures come from my video and use Photoshop to add text in some effects.

I should start by saying I got a confession to make I remember being so excited when Nintendo added DS games to their virtual console. So far I have picked up 3 DS virtual console games so far and so far I have pretty much said get the DS version to all of them, but the first 2 games had a caveat if you couldn’t find them on the DS or if you didn’t own a DS they worth a pick up on the Wii U even if the DS versions were better. New Super Mario Bros is a bit on the ugly side, and Mario Kart DS is lacking multiplayer, but they still played well on the virtual console. Yoshi’s Island on the Wii U is a big steaming pile of CRAP.

Ok so let’s look at the Wii U venison first and then I’ll get down to the game itself. Now if you own a DS this game isn’t terrible, in fact it is fun for the most part, the last world is a bit of a pain where switches to cheap deaths rather than focus on actual challenges but the rest of the game up until then is fun and it uses the duel screen in interesting ways. Which is the main problem here. You see how I am constantly changing the screen. Well this game uses both screens has once and you switch between them has one. Now on the DS this was a neat little trick, however the Wii U has no real good screen options where this happens comfortably. Now for those who are going Tommy is just complaining because he’s a youtuber and doesn’t like the idea that half the time Yoshi and Mario are going to be off screen if he does the usual top screen is TV like he did in Mario Kart, and we don’t plan on shooting a YouTube video are wrong. Ok first off like I said one screen that means bosses too. And since what we get isn’t both screens top and bottom same side but rather one really big, and one really small and to the side it makes aiming the B word when you have to shoot something on the top screen, and you will for boss fights and some trickier puzzles. Because of this problem the last boss fight with Bowser which was clever and somewhat fun on the DS, is now a tedious pain in the ass because of how much you feel like your shooting in the dark. Now to be fair there are two screen options that do put the top screen over the bottom one in the correct way let’s look at them and find out why I am so pissed off.

90% of the screen is now used for background and border, I can understand wanting the original resolution but come on.
90% of the screen is now used for background and border, I can understand wanting the original resolution but come on.

Well this one shows them on the top and bottom, has well has a border that takes up 90% of the screen, I can’t see the action, and even if I could there using an original DS meaning the screens are further apart then they need to be, why aren’t they using a DS lite which shrunk the spaces between screens to be more manageable. I get it in this mode there the original resolution and why people would think that matters, but you know I kind of play my consoles on TV and want a bigger option is there one.

This would work well for this game, unfortunately it's for stylus play only so the controls either don't work or the control is now interverted.
This would work well for this game, unfortunately it's for stylus play only so the controls either don't work or the control is now interverted.

Ahh here you go this should be great I mean look the game is lined up perfectly and everything is blown up. I could play this game comfortably in this setting, what’s the catch. Well this is for games that require you to hold the DS up like the book and only play on the Wii U game pad. Meaning the controls are no inverted making playing the game now impossible. SCREW YOU NINTENDO, REALLY SCREW YOU. This was the first DS game you released on the VC and you didn’t check to make sure any of your options was comfortable and offered a way for people to purchase to get the same gaming experience has the Nintendo DS. Because of this flaw this game is extremely broken and more frustrating than it needs to be. Now that I got my rant out of the way let’s take a look at the rest of the game.


The games story takes place sometime after the original Yoshi’s Island a floating castle has appeared in the sky and Kamek has reemerged kidnapping every kid in the mushroom kingdom looking for some sort of 7 magical stars hidden within them. The stork manages to free Mario and few others and now the Yoshi’s have him to stop Bowser. Yeah the games story makes very little sense and even has to do with time travel has you have to fight an adult Bowser in the end. Gone are the cute little animations between stages of Yoshi’s blowing up a fortress instead you get needless cut scenes instead.


Ok let’s talk about other aspects of the gameplay other than the ones that are pure FRUSTRATION. The game itself is a platformer similar to the original game and takes everything from the core and puts it here with a few changes, most good, and a few bad.

Ok you’re still going to be collecting stars to fill a timer that is your health, if a baby gets knocked off they will be carried away when the timers runs out making you lose a life. Yeah its’ actually kind of hard to die this way, most death will come from lava or other one hit kills. However getting to the end with full health which is something you are encourage to do is very hard. There are also red coins and flowers to collect.

What’s new here is the babies you now have 3 to select from. Mario allows you to run and jump, Peach has her parasol that allows you to flutter jump a lot better, and DK can climb on things. Also certain stages let you also use Baby Wario who has his magnet to move blocks and to grab coins, and baby Bowser who can shot things with his fire balls. I like the idea of having these extra babies along and some of the puzzles with them are quite fun, however your never given a clue which baby needs to be where and I did die a few times because I picked the wrong baby.

The bosses are also all kind of fun and use the DS duel screen really well, which is why there just a pain in the ass on the Wii U. Having to switch to this screen to battle them just doesn’t make the game very fun in my opinion.

Hitting anything on the other screen is impossible in this mode.
Hitting anything on the other screen is impossible in this mode.

But what really makes the game suffer though is there is a lack of items. Yeah in Yoshi’s Island you could unlock items doing bonus games and what not that included not only handy items to boost the amount of stars you had and gave you some extra fire power but a handy magnifying glass that let you see the red coins and other secrets available in the stage. Very handy if you were going for a 100% run which Yoshi’s Island encourages you to do. And because there was no way to unlock a magnifying glass power up it made my scores extremely low in this game and I didn’t really care to go back and improve upon them.

I should also mention the last stage gets a little carried away with it’s one hit kills and can be frustrating, but they don’t run quite has long has the original ones so that is a plus, and the other worlds are really fun beyond that and even with a difficult last stage I enjoyed Yoshi’s Island, when I play it on my DS.


The graphics in this game are actually really good, looking there not has creative has the original which had more of a kids play room motif to a lot of the stages but there still really good and really colorful. The real shame is it looks good on the Wii U no if’s and’s or buts about it this game looks has good if not better than the SNES game s I have on the Wii U. The characters are well drawn 2d character’s that have a lot of charm. The game uses some of the DS 3d processor to turn out amazing backgrounds, overall no complaints about the graphics.


The music is for the most part remixed from the original version, it can get a little old sometimes but for the most part charming. What about the baby noise well it’s still a bit annoying to hear these tots cry but it’s far from the rip your ears off yells that you heard in the SNES version. Yoshi’s also has some voice clips of his own too.

Final Recommendation.

The game on the Wii U goes for 10 dollars most places on ebay sell the DS version for 15 dollars. I would say overall I would pay around 10 dollars for the DS version. Unfortunately the Wii U version does not replicate the DS experience at all, in fact it turns it into a frustrating experience. I don’t recommend picking up the Wii U version at all, if you can get the DS version for 10 dollars or a little more and like platforming definitely pick it up.


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