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Your First Legendary Familiar in Blood Brothers

Updated on June 3, 2013

Game Overview

Blood Brothers Mobile Application was designed and introduced by DeNa one year ago. Within the initial first year, it has been played by one million players all around the world. The story line involved you controlling a Vampire Warlord who together with your recruited familiar advanced on a mission to exact vengeance on a corrupt empire.

Yours Familiar

The familiar that you recruited can be common, uncommon, Rare, Epic or legendary. At the top tier, it will be the legendary familiar that is associated with the best. You might think that it is similar to others mobile application games, whereby legendary is a class that you will not be able to get unless you spent real life money to get it. But amazingly, this is one of those good games that actually give each and every player some slim chance to get it.

Getting your legendary

Have you ever dream of having one of your own legendary familiar in the Blood Brothers? If your answer is yes, please continue reading this as I will touch on how you can get hold of one of them without spending money.

The games involved four type of events namely PvP , Tower, WBC and raid. In this hub, I will share with you on my personal experience on getting one legendary in PvP Event. The reason I choose PvP is that it is solely base upon your party rather than your friend’s party*.

*Allies team will not contribute in any way to the event points.

Event PvP Battle(The God of Steel)

Event PvP Battle(The God of Steel) also known as Player versus Player under the normal map zone. The different between this and the normal PvP is that player earn points now and the spawn rate of battles is higher.The goal of the event is to attained the highest points which you will earn rewards base on your points attained.

Six Important pointers

First- Built a decent team of familiars. This involved getting Epic’s familiar which enable you to win consecutively for at least 12 times in PvP. Note: Maximum is 30 consecutive wins. Higher consecutive win provides you with higher event points.

Second- Built on your bugle quantity to around 800. Bugle restores 1 point of morale which enables you to do one round of PvP battle. The more round will mean more points you will get. This can be done through your previous events rewards. This should be achievable after 4-6 events.

Third – Built on your mandrake. Mandrake restores your energy back to maximum of 30/30. You require energy to transverse the zone in order to spawn PvP battles. The more mandrake you have, you will have more PvP Battle spawn.Tentatively prepare around 50 mandrake before you start on your journey to fight your way up for legendary.

Fourth – Advanced to the reach the top of the 15 titles during the event and received bonus in the battles to enable you to win consecutively in battles.

Fifth – Make sure you maintained your required ranking (Around 250) though-out the whole event. Do not think that you might be able to pick up at the end of the events as every one will continue to push on therefore to catch up will be near impossible.

Sixth – You need a huge amount of time spent on the game especially during the last 4 hours of the PvP event. If you do not have the time, do not bother to go for legendary.


With these 6 pointers, you should be able to receive your first legendary familiar. So now, go ahead and try before this strategy expired.


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    • profile image

      awannstrike 3 years ago

      Do it as a hobby.. not as life routine... make your target and after get it back to normal lifestyle..

    • AlvinTay profile image

      Alvin Tay Kong Wei 4 years ago from Singapore

      Thank Pedagogue420. I totally agree with you. This system will absorb an entire week of your useful time and possibly destroy relationship with friends and family. To me, it is rather a sense of achievement rather than a cool legendary to look at. Therefore, I have tried it once to allow me to conquer the game and that's it . No more second try as our time can be place on some others more important things. To others, getting legendary is a tough path, do not neglect any of your love ones.

    • profile image

      pedagogue420 4 years ago

      Thank you, Kid Obvious. I advise all of you to learn a skill or trade. No.. not in the game, in REAL LIFE! This system will absorb an entire week of useful time and possibly destroy relationships with your friends and family, but hey!! You'll have a cool new Legendary familiar to stare at on your phone!!