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Your Shape Wii Game

Updated on July 24, 2014

Your shape is an exciting new fitness game for Nintendo Wii. The Ubisoft innovation uses a revolutionized motion sensitive tracking technology that will change the way you workout forever.

The game begins with a full body scan which provides you with a detailed analysis of your body shape and fitness level and recommends a program which is best suited to your fitness needs and experience.

The amazing thing about Your Shape is that it's state of the art motion sensitive technology follows your body's movements in real time, to make sure you are getting the most effective workout for your body type.

One of the best things about Your Shape is that there is no need for the Wii remote in this game. This means you can add some free weights to your workout. With virtually zero set up time, simply plug the usb camera into the back of your Wii console and you're ready to start burning some calories.

The programs consist of nearly 500 exercises and weight loss routines that generally focus on calisthenics. You can set a workout goal and Your Shape will provide you with routines based on what you've selected, for example Your Shape gives you the option to burn, strengthen or tone a specific area of your body according to your preferences.

Another nice feature is the special challenge mode which consists of pre-set routines which are designed to help you achieve a specific weight loss goal. Simply follow the step by step instructions of your virtual trainer who will follow your steps and make sure you are performing the exercises correctly.

You may want to add a step bench, some free weights and a medicine ball for optimum results. The workouts are strict and meant to simulate a trainer, so if you slow down you will be prompted to pick up the pace and raise your intensity. If you are particularly interested in losing weight and gaining muscle than Your Shape is worth your consideration.

Key features include:

  • The motion sensitive camera,
  • The personal diagnosis and body scan,
  • A customized training routine based on your perceived personal fitness,
  • Real time feedback on your execution of the movements
  • An assessment on the efficiency of your workouts.

Your Shape regularly evaluates your fitness level and allows you to check your progress. You can also select the length of the routines and how often you would like to workout using the workout calendar.

If the camera is detecting that you are performing your exercises incorrectly it will allow you to ask the virtual trainer to demonstrate how they should be performed a second time.

You can also track your day by day progress with the on screen graph chart provided so you can monitor your improvement. Your Shape also comes with a wide variety of musical styles to help keep you moving and your heart rate up. Overall Your Shape is a great investment for body conscious Nintendo Wii owners who might need a little extra motivation.


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