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Ys Origin First Demon Boss Encounter

Updated on July 26, 2012
Its pronouced like the Y is an E, if that came instantly to you good job, go grab a cookie.
Its pronouced like the Y is an E, if that came instantly to you good job, go grab a cookie. | Source

Y's Origin is a game for PC that gives players who love the old feel of SNES sprite action gaming a breath of repreive from all the super high graphics that all them companies with their fancy book learnin and 3D technology make every day.

It's fun too, so fun I keep playing it. Since there isn't much info on there about how to play the game this is the first of a series of hubs about the different boss fights, as I master them (I use that term loosely) i will post a video and accompaning guide here for you all to read.

How to get to this boss

This boss is who you fight after you get the necklace from Rico. You find him using the mask that is dropped from the Darkling Epona. Along the way you will pick up a Beast Medallion in a treasure chest, get used to this, think the Big Key in any Zelda dungeon.

The fight has two phases, one where you attack the demons bottom half with mouth, and the second where you attack the demons brain and actually do damage. The second phase is brief and the Demon doesn't attack during it.

First Phase

The first phase the boss has a few abilities you need to watch out for.

Green Bubbles: Very often the demon mouth will spit out green bubbles to create a barrier between you and his mouth, to get past them is simple, use your bubble ability, it is the only skill other than attack you have at this point. It will allow you to run into and destroy the bubbles without recieving any damage.

Fire Beam: The demon witll also periodically flash red and shoot a red beam from his hupper half, and will target and follow you with it, so your going to have to run to avoid it.

Fire Swing: The demon will also make an arcing swing with his huge arms, you will have to run away from him to avoid it.

Vortex: The demon mouth will suck the air in so quickly it pulls you to his mouth, run away to avoid being eaten.

Bugs: The demon will release bugs when it moves, the bugs will leave behind a trail of green slime that will make you lose traction.

Second Phase

The second phase is simply a burn phase, you climb the demons arms and attack it's exposed brain. it will throw you off when it restarts the first phase, at this point just rinse and repeat till your victorious.

Below is a video I made with some captions to give you a better understanding of the fight.


I have been really enjoying the ys series, you can get origin on PC via Steam, and there are a total of 7 Ys games that I know of, there are even some old cartridge games if you like to go really retro.


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