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Yugioh Deck List

Updated on October 30, 2009

Yugioh deck list can be helpful

A lightsworn deck
A lightsworn deck

Yugioh Deck List Pros And Cons

A Deck list for most major yugioh tournaments are readily available from sources on-line, these sources include the Konami official site. For obvious reasons even the maker of the game condones the releasing of a yugioh deck list from major tournaments. There are some players who are opposed to copying deck lists, some even openly speak out about such practices. This is my personal opinion on the pros and cons of coping a yugioh deck list, also known as net-decking.

First of all, there is absolutely nothing wrong with checking out these lists, or even making a deck based on them to test against. Afterall, if you can’t defeat that deck, do you really have a chance of winning any big tournament? As a bare minimum you need to adjust your side deck to prepare for facing these.

Knowing your enemy is extremely important for any tournament. By looking at these deck lists, you can spot any flaws of these decks. To do so, the majority of the time, you need to know how they work properly. I can give you a jet plane, but if you don’t know how to control it, you will crash. Same goes for yugioh. So you really do need to test out these decks yourself to see if there are any blatant weaknesses, which is one good reason to net deck and use them. Secondly, if you've tested against it for a while, and can’t find any flaws in it, then why not just use it anyway? It is obviously a good deck?

What are the cons? Well, if all you ever do is copy deck lists, you will never be the pioneer who developed the new deck type that wins a major competition. It has happened before, but not that often. I remember when things like diamond dude turbo won a championship... when it was modified from a Japanese deck, it was still original due to us having different cards available. Also, there are two main skills required in yugioh. One is deck building skills, the other is playing skills. You need to be aware of how to build decks to be able to improve them / modify them for your local meta. Copying will take you to a certain level, but won’t win you championships that easily. Once people have seen a deck once or twice, most would have dealing strategies, and that deck will not win as easily again. If you think about Lightsworn, whilst it is a superb deck, light imprisoning mirror is standard issue in any side deck nowadays. As said, people adapt.

So, net-decking is useful, but you still need to practise your own deck building skills. If you rely on it too much, you will soon lose touch of the game, and you won’t enjoy playing any more.

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    • profile image

      Kiran Thomson 8 years ago

      I tell ya you have a great point i wish there was more people in the world like you man cause i use to coping decklist and now i know why i stop enjoying it but now i have made my own decklist i hope this has kept me playing yugioh